Status update (22 Nov)

It’s been a busy week in the Calendar world. I’m breaking things up by whether they were a fix for Lightning, for Sunbird or for both. Note, however, that some of the fixes for one will end up in the other at some point in the future as well. So, without further ado, here are the recently fixed bugs:

  • Bug 307948 – (both) Handle escaped characters (‘,’ , ‘/’ , ‘;’ , etc) properly
  • Bug 315960 – (Lightning) Speed up the time it takes to draw day and week views
  • Bug 315760 – (Sunbird) The title of the ‘Go to Today’ and ‘Go to Date’ is slightly wrong
  • Bug 316761 – (both) Update calls to the new storage provider api
  • Bug 315731 – (both) The ‘Next’ button in the calendar creation wizard isn’t always enabled properly
  • Bug 316756 – (Sunbird) The ‘HTML’ option is listed twice in the export menu
  • Bug 317119 – (both) Localization cleanup
  • Bug 314506 – (Sunbird) Create a chrome.manifest file for shipping with Sunbird
  • Bug 316791 – (Lightning) Events sometimes remain collapsed in week or day views
  • Bug 298504 – (Lightning) Create context menus for the views
  • Bug 309734 – (Lightning) Double clicking on a day in the views should bring up the ‘New Event’ dialog

Recent Lightning regressions:

  • Bug 317477 – (since yesterday) Canceling ‘Edit Event’ dialog from double-clicking also opens ‘New Event’ dialog
  • Bug 317473 – (since 21 Oct) Mouse cursor remains as an hour-glass after canceling ‘New Event’ dialog

Note: Both of these bugs, especially the first, would make good ‘first bugs’ if people were interested in getting their feet wet with the project.

There are no known regressions in Sunbird since 0.3a1.


  1. I check your blog daily for updates. Keep up the great work; we all can’t wait :).

  2. Hi, i just downloaded a nightly-build. Works perfectly under FreeBSD 6. Thanks for your work. Looking forward to every update :)

  3. Hi,
    I believe this blog still is not listed on the blog list. Many people who are not involved too deeply in the calendar project will not be able to find it. Perhaps you could send whoever is responsible for maintaining that list a message…

  4. I’m using Calendar with TB 1.0.7 and I find it very useful. Can I use Sunbird with the same confidence I use Calendar?

  5. Would like to know if there will be something similar for tasks as Outlook where there will be a task only view…. and if there will be the ability to have a field like outlook in either the split pane or in task view where you can type in “quick tasks” and just hit return so that you can enter them in quickly without ctrl-t for each….
    and lastly….I am using Basecamp. and I am trying to subscribe to their webcal feed in my intranet. And it seems to be opening AOL. I am trying to change the association. Any ideas?