Status update (4 Dec)

The following bugs have been fixed in Lightning and/or Sunbird, since the last update:

  • Bug 310221 – (both) icalendar items with a duration and no dtend are handled incorrectly
  • Bug 315954 – (Lightning) Day/Week views fail to display events at the end of the display range
  • Bug 318850 – (Lightning) Make core calendar code work against both trunk and 1.8 branch builds
  • Bug 315960 – (both) Add a compare method to calIDuration
  • Bug 317135 – (Sunbird) Completed tasks are sometimes shown as uncompleted
  • Bug 303379 – (both) Localization entry for likelyTimezone is unclear to localizers
  • Bug 318232 – (both) Minimonth header for February displays ‘March’ when today’s date is after the 28th of the month
  • Bug 317473 – (Lightning) For new events no calendar is chosen by default in ‘New Event’ dialog
  • Bug 317588 – (both) Update tasks to use the new .valueAsIcalString parameter
  • Bug 317864 – (both) Update remaining consumers of .stringValue parameter to new .valueAsIcalString parameter
  • Bug 316275 – (Sunbird) New high quality icon for Sunbird
  • Bug 309426 – (Lightning) Double clicking on agenda/calendar items should open the edit-dialog

The following regression still remains in Lightning:

  • Bug 317477 – (since 21 Nov) Canceling ‘Edit Event’ dialog from double-clicking also opens ‘New Event’ dialog

There are no known regressions from Sunbird 0.3a1.


  1. Thanks for the update, and keep up the good work! Lightning is, in my humble opinion, the most important Mozilla project, and will turn Thunderbird into a killer app.

  2. Can’t wait to hear more. I’m monitoring this blog from now on. I use an older version of Calendar with TB 1.07 and want to upgrade to these test versions Is Lightning as usable as what I am using now? The last time I tried Lightning a few months ago it was barely functional.

  3. I like using sunbird, but sometimes I need to print out several months worth of calendars and sunbird will only do one at at time. I also have different calendar files as different colors, but when it prints they all look the same. Is there any plans for fixing this?

  4. Mark,
    Yes, improving printing is one of the goals for Sunbird 0.3a2. You can see the (tentative) list of goals here: