Status Update (Dec 13)

The following bugs have been fixed in Lightning, Sunbird and/or the Calendar extension, since the last update:

  • Bug 273251: (All three) Make print preview window title localizable
  • Bug 317477: (Lightning) Canceling ‘Edit Event’ dialog opens ‘New Event’ dialog
  • Bug 317868: (All three) minimonth and timepicker should be scrollable
  • Bug 319344: (Extension) hPrefWindow is called as a function, but is an object
  • Bug 319367: (All three) time picker in new event shows twice :57 (minutes)
  • Bug 319426: (Sunbird) Remove empty style rules
  • Bug 319561: (All three) ‘Home’-calendar name not localizable
  • Bug 319681: (Sunbird/Extension) Can’t delete location, description, etc from events
  • Bug 319730: (Sunbird/Extension) No events found if a string typed into the search bar contains upper-case letters

No known regressions exist in Lightning, Sunbird and/or the Calendar extension at the moment.

There are no known regressions from Sunbird 0.3a1.


  1. In your last status update there was a bug fixed “Bug 318850 – (Lightning) Make core calendar code work against both trunk and 1.8 branch builds.”
    Does this mean lightning wil work in a nightly 1.5 thunderbird ??

  2. Accidentaly found this tool for syncing;
    But turns out it needs Nokia PC suite which offcourse aint compatible with my XP 64 Pro. Anybody got a workaround or some way to fix this??

  3. Raymond,
    No, that bug made sure that when Lightning is available for Thunderbird 1.5, the code in it will work properly. (There were some changes made to the storage system between 1.5 and 1.6a1. The bugfix allows Lightning to check for which version it’s in, and adjust accordingly.)

  4. Any thoughts on RSS calendar feeds like those at In this day of everything being a feed, it seems like a good idea to include some sort of reader built into the Calendar app. Obviously some kind of data veriifcation needs to be done to keep the CNN feed from being imported into the Calendar, but even that has some uses.

  5. Hmm, on my mac all my settings have disappeared with this release :( some “chrome not registred” or similar error appeared and none of my calendars got loaded… ah well, they’re all webdav.
    anyways, i really like sunbird. thanks and keep going :)

  6. I bought the professional mobile-master version, its still more buggy than sunbird itself an seriously screws up everything, calender, phone and adressbook, already formatted my mobile a few times, its not worth considering it ..

  7. Hi Calendar Guys,
    Keep up the good work!
    I’m really hanging out for a good calendar solution that I can use with Thunderbird.