Sunbird gets a facelift

Those of you that have been following Sunbird development closely have probably heard some mention of the ‘new views’. This refers to a set of xml files that create a new set of day/week and month views. Lightning has already been using these files, but in order to make them usable in Sunbird substantial changes needed to be made to the current codebase. The entire team has been putting in a lot of work on Bug 297934 in order to accomplish this. This afternoon, they landed.

We need your help

These changes were far too big to do perfectly. Tomorrow’s build, which will include the new views, will be very buggy. Many of the bugs have already been anticipated and filed. However, many others likely remain unknown. Those interested in testing these new views can help out greatly by providing specific, reproducable bug reports. Please do NOT comment about the regressions in the new-views bug. We are tracking all of the regressions from this landing in Bug 321164. If you find another regression, please file the bug and make it block this tracking bug.

New hackers

With the landing of these new views, now might be a good time for anyone who has considered trying their hand at hacking calendar code to jump in. Some of the regressions created by this bug will be rather difficult, but others will make for very good first bugs. Those interested in helping out may find the following (works-in-progress) pages useful:

Please be patient with us as we try to iron out all the problems from this landing. In the end, it should make your Sunbird experience much better. For instance, the day and week views already offer one of the most requested features, inline-editing. Also, in these views, dragging and dropping is back. Landing these views also allows the Lightning and Sunbird development processes to be much more united, so hopefully they will move more quickly.

Happy testing and Happy Holidays!

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