Status Update (29 Dec)

The following bugs have had fixes checked in for them since the last Status Update. Due to the landing of the ‘new views’ you should hopefully start to notice more ‘Both’ bugs being fixed than before, since Sunbird and Lightning now (almost) share their view-code.

  • Bug 320823 – (Sunbird) Missing preference makes themes unusuable
  • Bug 297934 – (Sunbird) Make Sunbird use the new views
  • Bug 306188 – (Sunbird) Task list context menu options disappear when first clicking the minimonth
  • Bug 315719 – (Both) Events with neither DTEND nor DURATION handled incorrectly (end-date shows as 1 Jan 1970)
  • Bug 315960 – (Both) Improve performance times for redrawing/moving the (new) month/multiweek views
  • Bug 315962 – (Lightning) No icons shown for Lightning buttons in TB’s Customize Toolbar window
  • Bug 298352 – (Lightning) Allow users to specify the first day of the week in preferences

In addition, the following regressions from the new-views landing have had fixes checked in:

  • Bug 321413 – ‘Extensions’ and ‘Themes’ windows do not show up due to extraneous debugging code
  • Bug 321375 – Context menus for the views do not appear.
  • Bug 321535 – Right clicking and selecting ‘New Event’ doesn’t always give the right default date.
  • Bug 321378 – JavaScript error when adding/modifying an event before all views have been shown.
  • Bug 315955 – The Month/Multiweek views display the incorrect times for events (also a Lightning 0.1 blocker)

It’s probably also important to point out that the landing of the new views simultaneously fixed a large number of outstanding bugs. Searching for all of these bugs is somewhat difficult, but this list should give you a good idea of them.

There are still currently 18 identified regressions from the new views landing (6 of these have patches awaiting review). This list of bugs can be viewed here. Additionally, the following regression has appeared in Sunbird since 0.3a1 was released:

  • Bug 320266 – Many “Failed to load XPCOM Component:” info bubbles in the js-console when starting a new profile.


  1. I’ve been using .3a1 for some time now.. I’m very interested in the new views.. Can I just copy a nightly zip over my current “installation” and is it safe for every day use ??

  2. Raymond,
    Nightly builds of Sunbird are not intended for every-day use. As the status update mentions, there are a large number of problems with the latest nightly builds. If you want to try them out though, you should unzip them to a SEPARATE location, and start Sunbird from there. Copying over the old build can result in problems. Also, this way you can always go back to your copy 0.3a1.