Calendar Interoperability Test Day Results

Thanks to everyone that participated in our Calendar Interoperability Test Day last week. We had a good turnout, and we were able to test Lightning and Sunbird against 8 other calendar systems. We found nine bugs in Lightning and Sunbird as a result of our testing, and we verified several existing bugs. Special thanks go to Sebo for setting up the test day wiki page, to all our participants, and to Linpro AS for sponsoring our Test Day prizes.

Thanks to everyone that participated: sandos, tering tuby, sopues, dmose, j9, xFallenAngel, julie, Lisa, worzel, Mc, mat75, Sidney, Damian, sebo, woodturner, hamm, unlogic, celina63, thebofh, fopper, Andreas, ssitter, zach, jminta, lilmatt, bbbrowning.
We tested Lightning and Sunbird with:

  • Apple iCAL
  • Evolution
  • KOrganizer
  • Google Calendar
  • Trumba
  • The new Google Calendar Provider by our own xFallenAngel (not technically a third party product)
  • Novell Groupwise 7
  • Microsoft Outlook 2003

The winners of our test day were Sidney and Worzel! Congratulations!
Our next test day will be October 31st. See you then.

All the third-party application names are either registered trademarks or trademarks of their owning companies.



  1. Is the google calendar provider useable ?? Not for in production but mostly for my own private calender

  2. Hello
    I have the same question about a Google Calendar provider that could update remote data, and not only read it.

  3. i have found that i can get data from my google calendar to lightning but updating data in lightning does not update data on google

  4. A Google integration for Calendar/Lightning seems like a great idea. I’d like to be able to share my calendars like Google allows, but have a program locally like Lightning allows.

  5. Could you provide more info on the Google Calendar Provider? What is it and how can I use it?

  6. How were conducted those tests ?
    Was the CalDAV functionnality tested ? Against Cosmo or Hula ?

  7. First of all I must say you all do an excellent job!
    Reading the above comments I only have to concur. This is an option I really mis.
    Also the calendar below the email accounts is disturbing and to big if you also use the “contact sidebar” extension. I myself think a (ajax?)shift bar coming from the left side, a bit like the Firefox “all-in-one-sidebar” extension would be more effective.
    Also the email function does not work for me. What also is a little bit irritating is that the email addresses inserted do not hold and I have to write them every time. Can there be a kind of auto fill once an address is used.
    When starting Firefox the calendar always starts in month view, I want it to start in Week how do I tell this to the calendar?
    In the sidebar there is a window with “today” “tomorrow” and “soon”. When there is an item on the calendar this will be places below and can be viewed by clicking the arrow. Is there an option to get this view to always be expanded?

  8. Guys,
    the Google Calendar provider is currently being worked on by xFallenAngel, but the corresponding code has not yet been checked in, because it still has some serious bugs, which have to be worked out, before we can push this to our testing community.

  9. sipaq : thanks for the info.. Is there a bug we can follow to monitor the progress ?

  10. Morpurgo,
    This is good feedback, thanks. Several of these issues are known bugs that we will be trying to address in the next version of Lightning.
    ->Autocomplete: (bug 181249)
    ->Refactoring the sidebar – this design is in progress, please see the thread in
    Please post your ideas for improving the left pane to that thread, so that everyone will see them.
    Thanks for the feedback.

  11. Guys,
    May I suggest a test?
    Could you test using Apache 2.2 with “dav” enbled in it and try to
    1. Create Calender
    2. Add remove entries
    3. add repeated entries
    4. Restart, reconnect after
    sunbird restart, apache restart.
    Sometimes it works :-) sometimes falls over. :-(
    The console output shows errors.
    I have been having prolems here, and don’t want to use Google to hold my stuff, I expect they will search and process the stuff there etc, so want to use a private apache server to hold it on my PC box at home on broadband.
    Many thanks

  12. Russel,
    Thanks for the testcase. We’ll try to take a look at this. I would encourage you to file a bug on this (, so that we have a bit more visibility for the problem, and we can have more people testing it.