Clean Out Bugzilla Calendar Test Day – Oct. 31st.

Join us for a our regular biweekly calendar test day on Tuesday October 31st. It’s Halloween, so we’ll be venturing down into the dark, spider-webbed dungeons of bugzilla and confirming the unconfirmed bugs that lurk in the shadows.

Seriously, we will be working to confirm as many unconfirmed calendar bugs as we can. There are actually quite a few of them just since 0.3a2 was released. Clearing these out will help us free some time so that we can concentrate on the new functionality that will be landing soon.

We’re really going to need some help on this test day, given the number of bugs we need to confirm. So, if you can publicize our test day, please do. This test day, like all of them, is open to everyone. You don’t need any special bugzilla permissions to participate, and we’re happy to aid folks unfamiliar to the Mozilla system.

For more information on the test day, please see:

Thanks very much for your help



  1. What is the times for the Testing day? Also by Sunbird 0.5 do y’all think that we could get automatic updates for the nightly builds like the nightly Firefox builds have?

  2. also, today’s nightly doesn’t seem to load the calendars.
    Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.0; en-US; rv:1.9a1) Gecko/20061026 Calendar/0.4a1

  3. I’ve added the testing to my calendar, now we’ll see if I remember.

  4. I’ve added the testing to my calendar, now we’ll see if I remember.

  5. Is there an official roadmap for Sunbird? I have only found , but it doesn`t seem to contain much info.

  6. Matt:
    The test day will go from 00:00 (UTC) on Oct 31st to 00:00 UTC on Nov 1. This gives everyone a good chance to participate regardless of what timezone they are in. That should be on the test day wiki, if not, I’ll add it.
    The problem with the nightly build should now be fixed. A patch is currently being reviewed to add AUS handling to the nightlies.
    Magnus: The planning for the next calendar release (which has a highlevel roadmap as part of it) can be found here:
    Caleb: Thanks for digging us!

  7. The information about the roadmap document was updated today. Now, contains the true roadmap to 1.0. And
    is only for the next release of Sunbird and Lightning.
    Also, the test day has now started! Hope to see you there.

  8. Should have publicised this one on like the others. I’m usually a week behind my news feeds so I didn’t get this till it was too late :(
    Hope you got a good turn out.

  9. I must say that it was a pleasant experience to pariticipate in the test day and I’m looking forward to pariticipating in future events.

  10. First time i participated and it was a nice! Looking forward for upcoming test days (when i have the time…)

  11. Thanks for the positive feedback, Robert and Koen. Our next test day is on November 14th. I hope to see you there.
    Jon, I will try to make certain that the next test day gets published to MozillaZine as well.