Calendar Test Day results & plans for another…

Last week’s Calendar Test Day was another great success. It was held in
preparation for the 0.3 release. At that time we found 1 new show
stopper bug (which was addressed in 0.3), 5 other bugs (all minor). We
verified several of the fixes that went into 0.3, and we ran over 150
tests in Litmus.
We’d like to thank everyone that helped out: jminta, lilmatt, dmose,
celina63, xFallenAngel, Mc, bbbrowning, karora, mschroder, rogerk, sebo,
lonelybob, nightrat, taliesin, ssitter, omar_public, matthaeus123,
excessory, tedbullock, worzel, and damian.
We would also like to extend a special note of thanks to the good people
at Linpro AS ( for sponsoring our prizes. They have
graciously offered to sponsor the next test day’s prizes as well.
Speaking of prizes, they went out to our two winners:
Sebo – took first place with his show stopper defect.
Karora – took second place by running 45 Litmus testcases.
Thanks very much to everyone. I hope to see you all again. Our next test
day will be October 17, next Tuesday. Stay tuned for more details.
— Clint


  1. what were the prizes

  2. Would it be possible to get AMD64 compatible version of the Lightning also?
    I am sure there are many (along with me) with (K)Ubuntu, etc, with 64-bit architecture.
    This would help a lot.

  3. What is the show stopper?

  4. What is the show stopper?