Sunbird & Lightning 0.3 Released

The Mozilla Calendar Project is pleased to announce the release of
Sunbird and Lightning 0.3.
Thanks to the hard work of our localizers, both Sunbird and Lightning
are available immediately in 17 different locales.
To download either of these, please visit
Do read the release notes before installing and using this software, as
there are some gotchas that you need to be aware of.
Sunbird Release Notes:
Lightning Release Notes:
Thank you again to all our developers, contributors, localizers,
testers, and supporters. We would not be able to do this without your
-lilmatt, for the MozCal team


  1. The nightlies work perfectly for me.. (1 bug still bugging me, but it’s no major problem).
    I am very interested to see what the next release will bring us.

  2. Awesome! I’ve been waiting a long time for this one. Thank you for your great work.

  3. Hope it’s good.
    MozCal is old.
    Looking forward to Lightning 1.0

  4. Great work! Sunbird continues to be my calendar application of choice, and you can feel the progress since 0.2.
    Keep up the good work!

  5. Um, I’m real excited, but the Lightning download links don’t seem to work.

  6. Awesome work! Thanks to all who are involved in the calendar project :)

  7. Nice work, it’s a good soft. I hope it will continue. Is it possible to apply themes which change the look of event to have something like in iCal ?

  8. Dear Calendar Team, thanks for releasing new stable version of Sunbird and Lightning.
    Sunbird has been veru useful for me for a long time and I was looking forward to a new version – but after installing it today I rather need to downgrade back to an old version.
    The reason is the 24-hour view that cannot be changed in the settings – or am I wrong? Are there any hidden preferences?
    I found the 24-hour view very unusueful. I use Sunbird for planning my worktime and sparetime, but in 24-hour view all my events are “stacked” in the middle and therefore are unreadable and there is a lot of empty space around.
    Please let me know if these settings can be changed.
    I know I should have tested the RC versions of Sunbird, but as I have lots of important work data in my calendars, I cannot risk using unstable versions.
    Thanks for any help, Martin

  9. Great! I assume 0.4 won’t be any where near as long as 0.3 was (due to all the re-architecturing etc).
    I have to admit though, I’ve found Google Calendar tremendously useful. I wonder if this is more the way to go in the future.

  10. great job!
    Keep up the good work upto v0.5!!!

  11. While downloading lightning…
    The download link on the calendar/ and calendar/lightning pages go to mozilla startpage (which doesnt help).
    Also on addons there seems just to be a lightning v0.1
    I think it would be almost impossible for the usual user to find the download. Please, for your own sake, make the link accessible :)
    And I’m really eager to check out the new version.. ftp, here I come :)

  12. I agree wholeheartedly with Martin. I’ve been using Calendar/Sunbird/Lightning for ages and have introduced it to my company. I find it a tremendously exciting prospect and am grateful for all of the hard work that has already been put in, but…this 24 hour view thing is annoying. No-one here at my work wants or has any need for this.

  13. There are still a number of usability fixes related to the 24-hour views queued up; they will be significantly more usable in a future release.

  14. Great work !!

  15. MinimizeToTray doesn’t realy work (Opening 2 Windows on Start) and Suntray doesn’t work either (opens Sunbird Maximized witz Parameter -start (im using Version 1.0).
    Sunbird 3.0 also seems that it can not be started minimized…
    So i will stay on 3.0 Alpha 2 untill this Bugs are fixed…

  16. Thanks, great work to all involved. Lightning is getting better with every release, it’s useful now, and will only get better with the forthcoming developments.

  17. Please someone compile an Intel binary for OS X.

  18. Woohoo! This calls for a party. Great job.

  19. Thank you for your hard work! But I have to join Martin and Nev in their critic of the 24 hour view. I use Sunbird at work and this new “feature” is very annoying. I really hope you realase a fix for this soon, or I will have to go back to 0.2.

  20. grmpf…
    I have been a happy sunbird user since it’s beginning but version 0.3 doesn’t seem to like me. It does a clean install (according to install.log) but when I try to start it just nothing happens… I have got HD-activity for about 2 seconds and that’s it… any idea what I can do to solve that? (couldn’t find an error log or something like that…)

  21. @Mike,
    did you uninstalled previous version of Sunbird or installed into new directory respectively?
    Try the following: Do a clean uninstall and remove all remaining files from program directory. (Note: Not the profile directory!). Then install the new version again.

  22. I did not uninstall the previous version coz although I had read that it may come to problems I just ignored it (works most of the time ;).
    I just uninstalled sunbird 0.3, killed every registry key with “sunbird” in it, deleted the programm directory and the profile directory (have backups) and still nothing…
    Is there a log file somewhere?

  23. haha!
    I got it… just downloaded the german version and it works… why the US version does not, is still a mystery to me…

  24. mmmhhh… I just deinstalled the german version and reinstalled the US version which now also works. I guess that my constant deleting, killing of registry keys and de-&reinstalling somehow solved the problem… it’s just a shame that we will never know what the bug really was. :(

  25. congrats on this release!
    really nice to see that most basic features now is set.
    was also very enthusiastic when i saw the photoshop sketches for future releases. so now I only wait for google cal support and a slicker GUI :D
    keep up the good work

  26. Thank you, this looks really good.
    Question regarding Lightning:
    Is there a way of changing the sort order of the Tasks as shown in the “Todo” tab? (mine appear to be all jumbled up, ideally I would like to see them in descending due order.)

  27. Congratulations to everyone who made this release happen, especially to the committed development team and all the people who were at the various Calendar bug days.
    Found a few in 0.3, hope they can get fixed.
    And also, great news that the OO.Org folks are going to help out a bit. Love to see where this project is going, roadmap?

  28. I have a problem with 0.3, I have 5 calendar files on the same webdav area, with 0.2 it asked me for authentiction once, now it does so for every calendar, is this a bug or a feature? Would it be possible to avoid doing the authentication every time I open calendar?

  29. Just like a couple people mentioned, the download area has some serious issues: “The requested URL /pub/ was not found on this server.”, from anything under
    Only sunbird is there, no lightning. (As of Oct 22, 2006).

  30. Sunbird 0.3 works fine on my XP system. However it always launches two instances! Any ideas why that might be?

  31. Sunbird 0.3 worked for about a week then permanently crashed (XP): Re-installing does not solve problem. Shame.. it looked like a nice system.

  32. Grateful as I am for good free (as in beer speech) software, I have to wonder how many all-nighters the programmers pulled with the marketing folks before it seemed that “24-hour views show you your entire day, not just a few hours!” would actually appeal to a species of mammal that spends over a third of that time almost, but not quite totally unconscious.
    Probably the round-table decision featured one of the group making the cheery suggestion “Hey, let’s keep 24-hour view optional! ya know, for those few of our users who just so happen not to be Chuck Norris…” and a caffiene-addled insomniac responding with a reenactment of a scene from Fight Club.

  33. Always loads two instances on my Vista PC too. Can’t seem to stop it. Also, when setting appointments, every time you make a change to the dialog, it resizes and gets bigger.