Sunbird and Lightning 0.3RC2 available

The second release candidate builds for Sunbird and Lightning 0.3 are now available.
Key things to know about these bits:

We’d love all the help we can get ensuring that we know about all the important bugs. Please download and file bugs in Bugzilla (or, if in doubt, ask in #calendar-qa on IRC).


  1. When will the really great looking UI become available? and if it is somewhere could i download it and have multiple themes for sunbird?

  2. Matt,
    The “great looking UI” in the Sun slides is a Photoshop mockup. It hasn’t actually been implemented yet.

  3. The day is drawing closer. Very excited guys. Already an excellent product at 0.2. 0.3 is gonna rock.

  4. Ah, still the old American short date format of mm/dd showing just above the day name of say Mon, in the day or week view. Yep I’ve put in ye bug report. Now will this past the “Secretary test” on rel secretaries ?

  5. Great work guys! I love sunbird and can’t wait to see the upcoming stable release of 0.3! Thanks so much to everyone who is contributing towards this project.
    Noticed while playing around with 0.3RC2 that in the week view one now sees the full 24h of the day. Is there anyway of modifying this so one only sees say 5AM though 11PM? Can this be done through a preference in a user.js?
    Thanks so much.

  6. Good job! However, I have a big problem with the 0.3RC2. The most annoying problem is that you cannot hide/unhide the comleted tasks. I think it is regression. The calendar extension knew this feature couple of years ago…

  7. lighting with WCAP hangs on my ubuntu box.
    when you configure it it starts eating all CPU and after some time it crashes.
    anyone experimenting this issue?

  8. Great work! However the minimize-to-tray extension doesn’t work properly in RC2, although it had worked with the Alpha builds. When the extension is installed, on startup two windows are created one that can be minimized to tray and one that can’t.
    Has anyone else experienced this problem?

  9. I tried Lightning 0.3 RC2 on Thunderbird with WebDAV.
    First, I created 2 calendars in a WebDAV directory. That worked, no real problems there.
    Then I took another computer with same Thunderbird and Lightning versions. I created new calendars and pointed them to the existing ics-files on the WebDav. The problem: when I open Thunderbird, they don’t sync. Reload calendars works after eventually for one. And when I create a new event, it overrides the calendar in the WebDAV with this single event.

  10. This is indeed exciting news…
    The web-Dav Functionality will Push me over the edge and all my internal users will be converted to t-bird and lightning..
    thanks. I’m looking foreward to the day when I can use mozilla products exclusively.

  11. Found that lighting + WCAP also hangs on a mac. Mail still works fine if you don’t try to authenticate to a remote calendar.