Lightning/Sunbird Status Update (July 24)

Hi guys,
another two weeks has gone by and I want to keep you informed about the latest new stuff that is going into the tree. No very notable fixes in the last two weeks, so I will move straight ahead to the list of fixed bugs.

Here’s the list of fixed bugs since the last status update:

  • Bug 351745:
    iMIP bar should ask user what calendar to add invitation to
  • Bug 374566:
    CalDAV provider should provide UI when setting calendar read-only
  • Bug 378588:
    Tasks-in-view is broken on CalDAV calendars
  • Bug 380376:
    removed calendarToReturn
  • Bug 385439:
    wcap calendar in read only mode -> but new event creation is possible
  • Bug 385572:
    sunbird.exe is compiled with incorrect Product Version information
  • Bug 385900:
    implement todaypane
  • Bug 386502:
    dtstart is always included in recurrence set, even when it’s out of the query range
  • Bug 386528:
    Update credits list to include some more people
  • Bug 387302:
    About dialog has no accesskey
  • Bug 387891:
    Remove tasks icon from mode toolbar until task view is implemented
  • Bug 388007:
    PROPFIND truncates URL parameters
  • Bug 388016:
    Mode Toolbar: Visual Fine Tuning
  • Bug 388221:
    Repeating events – alarm doesn’t always fire
  • Bug 388405:
    Change weekview to ‘workweek days only’ -> weekview gets unusable (Regression)
  • Bug 388566:
    Set a minimum width for calendar and mode toolbar icons
  • Bug 388735:
    GData Provider creates events off by one hour for timezones with fractional offsets

A huge ‘Thanks’ goes out to all our developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters. Keep up the good work!


  1. Am I the only person why finds the new today box annoyingly huge? (Apart from that great though) I only have one or two entries normally and don’t need something that huge to show them. I’d love some way to put it under the folder list where the old one was and drag it to be just a few lines high.

  2. Is anybody planning to pick up the problems with iMip & Outlook? Something to do with MIME types IIRC.
    This is now the only barrier to being able to use Thunderbird/Lightning in our Outlook & Exchange corporate environment.

  3. I’m using lightning 20070725 build on linux and still see extra space around the lightning icons. I don’t think Bug 388566 is fixed.

  4. >> Am I the only person why finds the new today box annoyingly huge?
    I think it needs to scale well both ways. I can definitely foresee some people who occasionally only have 1 item a day but some people will list a dozen things per day (people to call, small tasks to do, etc).

  5. With the recent discussion on the possible end of Thunderbird (sad sad day if it comes to that), what are the implications for ongoing Lightning development?
    We were getting closer and closer to a true Outlook replacement.
    Is this all derailed now?