0.7 RC 2 is out

We have just released Lightning & Sunbird 0.7 RC2 two weeks after we released our first release candidate (RC1). The RC2 is available in 27 languages (including English) for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X (Universal).

The RC2 contains the following fixes that were added after the RC1:

  • Bug 375390:
    New event boxes appear too large in month/multiweek view
  • Bug 397642:
    stale agenda update
  • Bug 398046:
    Add Turkish as an officially supported language
  • Bug 398278:
    Superfluous freebusy debug messages in javascript console
  • Bug 398303:
    Attendee preview is broken in new event summary dialog
  • Bug 399433:
    Automatic scrolling feature doesn’t work when searching for the next free meeting slot
  • Bug 399616:
    Event on daylight saving time start or end day shows incorrect hour in day and week view
  • Bug 399780:
    Automatic reminders for tasks not taken into account if no day has been selected

Here’s where to get your hands on the RC:

After finishing RC2 we’re holding a community test day tomorrow (Thursday, October 18th). We need you to tell us, if Lightning and Sunbird are ready for release, or if our developers have to fix some so far unknown bugs. So, join us in #calendar-qa on Thursday. All the information on the test day is in our Test Day Wiki Page.

Thanks to everyone who has helped with this release. And, an even bigger thank you to everyone who has waited for us to release it. Thanks!

Happy 0.7!


  1. Simon,
    did you get a bottle of Single Malt Scotch from Daniel?

  2. Hi.
    Sorry, in a hurry, no time to file a bug. Plz someone confirm and file:
    When opening an yearly repeating event (birthday), starting before (for example) 1950, and just clicking the drop down button for the start or end date (revealing the small month calendar and not editing anything) changes the start or end date AND time. Usually the steps are two days backwards and four hours earlier.
    Sry for short description.
    Thx jd

  3. jd’s reported bug reproduced here. seems to occur on some days but not others, and before 1970 only. i’ll file a proper bug report when i’ve had a closer look

  4. For the german tb and the preference window is to small to show all of lightnigs preferences completly.
    It’s most evident in the “Ansichten” (Views?) tab.

  5. Hi,
    there seems to be a problem when exporting the calendar file from sunbird and importing it to lightning (happens with all formats, ics, csv). In particular, recurring events, multiday-events, and the category of the event are not imported/ imported incorrectly. Sorry I am not filing a bug either, hoping somebody can take up on this? Thanks a lot! And keep up the fantastic work, please!

  6. It seems that the slider bar between the mini-calendar and task list does not “remember” where it was last set after exiting the program.

  7. The above post was regarding Sunbird 0.7 RC2.

  8. Don’t we have a litmus-brach for the current calendar-branch or did I just overlook this? Only Trunk in litmus?