New Date – Testday on THURSDAY THE 18TH!

Join us on Thursday, October 18th for the 0.7 RC2 test day. Help us determine if there are any show stoppers that should be fixed before we release 0.7.

We already found three show-stopper bugs, and that’s why we had to reschedule the test day from Tuesday to Thursday. The new build is being crafted, and will be ready for us on Thursday. There are three things that must be tested:

  • We must spot-check each locale to verify that they display properly (you can do this even if you can’t read that language).
  • We must make certain the bugs we found (399433, 399616, and 399780) were fixed properly. Note that these were all found by people just like you: you can make a difference!
  • We must make certain no new bugs were introduced when those were fixed

You can read all the details on the Test Day Wiki.

We hope to see you on Thursday the 18th in #calendar and #calendar-qa. Come join the excitement and be a part of the 0.7 release.

See you Thursday!


  1. Is there a way to make lightning/sunbird use something like this: DTSTART:20071016T140000Z for a given webdav/ical calender as an per calendar option?
    The server doesn’t use Timezones but only utc with the format above. Import into lightning works fine, but writing events fails because of that.

  2. Just forget all I said :-)
    Working fine.

  3. Why are there no testing versions for 64bit for Thunderbird and/or Lightning. I and probably many others would like to help out test on test days.
    All I can find are old versions.

  4. @ BigEars:
    The basic reason is that we don’t have tinderboxes that can build 64 bit software. If you or someone else that has a 64 bit machine would be willing to contribute a build, we would happily post it for others.
    We’d be happy to help someone (answer questions, provide steps etc) contribute these builds.

  5. I forgot to mention, the standard Mozilla build documentation is available here:
    And the Sunbird specific stuff is here:
    To grab the 0.7 tree, I believe you just follow the steps for 0.3.1, but replace the branch tag with SUNBIRD_0_7_BRANCH.
    When you pull the code for Sunbird, you will also pull the lightning code, but you will have to build Thunderbird as well if you plan to build Lightning.