Lightning/Sunbird status update (October 08)

The 0.7 RC1 has been out for a few days and has already been downloaded a few thousand times. We have already taken a few additional fixes, which will be in the next RC and are detailed below:

  • Bug 375390:
    New event boxes appear too large in month/multiweek view
  • Bug 397642:
    stale agenda update
  • Bug 398278:
    Superfluous freebusy debug messages in javascript console
  • Bug 398303:
    Attendee preview is broken in new event summary dialog

I also want to remind you of the community test day tomorrow on Tuesday, October 9th. We need you to tell us, if Lightning and Sunbird are ready for release, or if our developers have to fix some so far unknown bugs. Also the localized versions of Lightning and Sunbird need to be checked for completeness and correctness. So, join us in #calendar-qa on tomorrow.


  1. You should post a link to the GData Provider Nightly on the side bar for people who use Google Calendar.

  2. One thing is for sure from the experimenting I’ve done with .7RC1: 0.7 is going to be great. The new dialogues and the look and feel of the new views are fantastic! Still not quite working for me as I haven’t tried a nightly of GData provider – but as soon as there’s a new version of this which plays nicely with 0.7RC1+ then I know I’m going to be using something that will help my productivity.

  3. As said elsewhere, you can download the latest nightly of the Google Calendar provider (dated Sept 25th) and edit the install.rdf file in it, to update the maxversion of lightning (set it to 0.7 instead of 0.7pre).
    The nightlies can be grabbed from there:

  4. Does invitation send using Lightning gets accepted in outlook? I tried with Outlook 2003/2007, but couldn’t accept the invitation. Is there some setting that needs to be done or is it still not available?

  5. Olivier – thank you very much! Had tried this just before my post but it hadn’t worked – you prompted me to look at it again, I’d edited the maxversion number for sunbird rather than lightning. All working as expected now. Thanks again!

  6. I open this bug on lightining 0.7 rc1

  7. @Angrez : no, unfortunately this does not work for the moment, as stated in the 0.7 Release notes !

  8. you should be able to doubleclick the attatchment in the invitation in outlook 2003. Afaik outlook 2007 doesn’t have this problem but I could be wrong…

  9. @Olivier: As per release notes it should work on outlook 2007 but still we are facing problem here to import the event to calender in outlook 2007. I know that it doesn’t work with Outlook 2003. Is it that it doesn’t work with outlook 2007 also.