Lightning/Sunbird weekly status update (November 29)

Another week has gone by and another 13 bugs have been fixed in the last 7 days. Nothing particularly interesting this time, just the usual bug-fixing and polishing going on.

Here’s the complete list with all the 13 bug fixes:

  • Bug 333363:
    Some providers return an allday event on the day of the event, and the day after
  • Bug 395051:
    Synchronize connection.dtd on MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH and Trunk
  • Bug 398975:
    Implement calIFreeBusyProvider for CalDav Provider
  • Bug 401000:
    make helper methods (e.g. calGetString) exception safe
  • Bug 402683:
    new category layout causes colliding event boxes
  • Bug 403061:
    [Unifinder] Edit and Delete selected event via keyboard is broken
  • Bug 404813:
    No calendars can be created, failure during startup (regression)
  • Bug 404834:
    Menuitem for show/hide Search Bar is broken
  • Bug 405006:
    Strict warning in calendar-task-tree (aRow hides argument)
  • Bug 405127:
    [Task Mode] Add ‘click here to add a new task’ feature
  • Bug 405199:
    First day of week is always Sunday in prefs window
  • Bug 405490:
    [Task dialog] Due date picker doesn’t work
  • Bug 405777:
    calUtils doQueryInterface runs into infinite recursion

Thanks again to all our developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters.

Let me also point you to David Ascher’s recent blog post. He’s right in that we could use some helping hands. If you’re interested, read this article directed at developers. People without coding experience, who would like to help as well, should read this article about our recent testing initiative or our documentation efforts. Everyone of you can really make a difference here!

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  1. If you need more testers built in Iphone Support into the next Release after 0.8.
    I think you will got the testers/developers that you need ;-)