Lightning/Sunbird weekly status update (November 22)

One week has passed and here’s another installment of the Calendar Project’s status update with the list of recent bug fixes. 12 bugs got fixed in the last 8 days.

Especially noteworthy is the implementation of a task mode for Lightning, one of the three major feature implementations that are planned for the 0.8 release. Kudos to Mickey, who implemented this and to Berend, Christian and Philipp, who did the code review. Great work guys!

Here’s the complete list with all the 12 bug fixes:

  • Bug 253396: Implement Task Mode
  • Bug 328442: jsDate vs calIDateTime
  • Bug 341776: calICalendar::superCalendar attribute for calendar composition
  • Bug 374347: nsIClipboard uses the deprecated nsISupportsArray interface
  • Bug 398139: X-prop parameters get corrupted
  • Bug 399595: Remove unused entities from global.dtd
  • Bug 401704: Make Event dialog more extension friendly (be generous with id’s)
  • Bug 403748: Correct misspellings in Calendar code
  • Bug 403936: Activity field in today pane does not remember its last setting
  • Bug 404007:< Remove calendar from composite in onCalendarUnregistering.
  • Bug 404085: Consolidate provider methods into a default calendar implementation
  • Bug 404763: Broken instanceof test in calUtils.js

Thanks again to all our developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters.

Let me also point you again to our call for help from developers. We can really use some help to finish 0.8. We also need more people doing testing or writing documentation. So if you cannot code, let this not stop you from making Lightning and Sunbird better products. Everyone of you can really make a difference here!


  1. What do you guys think about syncing Iphone with sunbird 0.8 ?

  2. iphone? totally overestimated! ;)
    i know that there is offline-support planned. but what is with device-sync in general? i think its the 2nd importand feature, right after offline support. at least in my oppinion.
    greetings and good night!

  3. Surely the iPhone calendar app can talk CalDAV? [eg Apple’s iCal server] Would that not solve your problem?

  4. In the latest nightly ( first with task mode ) the checkbox for “hide completed tasks” looks broken again.
    Some time ago there were also problems with the checkbox, but
    I couldn’t find the bug for that. Does anybody know the bug number and/or can confirm the bug

  5. It works in my case ..

  6. Good work :-)
    Still open:
    Bug 329570: concurrent editing ICS & CalDAV calendars by multiple users can lose data
    Bug 369287: Large calendars with many recurring items slow down the app
    Bug 393395: Offline Support infrastructure: Synchronization interfaces
    This stops companys from using sunbird/lightning :-(

  7. I confirm bug reported by Raymond. The checkbox “hide completed tasks” do not forget status when ThunderdBird restart.
    It forgets status but need to be unchecked-checked to take effect !!

  8. @Raymond, @Stiffux
    See Bug 405111.

  9. @Raymond, @Stiffux
    See Bug 405111.

  10. belko is right.
    These bugs needs more priority.
    Nobody outthere who wants to fix bugs 329570 and 369287 ?

  11. Hey what happened to event status in 0.7? I can’t change events from tentative to confirmed and new events created don’t have any status listed? Please bring this back.

  12. @Daryl Grunau
    What is not working? Are you looking at the correct location? For me Status is available from the Options menu in the event dialog.

  13. Guys, thanks a lot for the task view. I’ve been looking forward to this, makes TB/Lightning much more “complete”. Great work!