Help to make 0.8 a better release

We’re currently doing all the planning work for the 0.8 release. Part of the planning work is determining which bugs need to be fixed for the release and which bugfixes can wait. We call this triaging.

And here’s the problem:
Right now our list of bugs we want to fix for 0.8 (bugs marked as wanted0.8+) already contains 60 bugs (at the time of writing). If you combine this with the major feature we are planning for 0.8 (foreign timezone support, task view, offline calendar support) this makes our goal of releasing 0.8 in early February a very ambitious one.

But you can help us here:
32 of those 60 bugs (at the time of writing) currently have no owner. So this is the right time for you to step up and help us in making 0.8 a great release. You can really make a difference! If you can do a little bit of programming and want to help, just stop by in the #calendar IRC channel on or join our weekly developer confcall and ask for help there. We’re counting on you!


  1. New :
    PST Import XPI Thunderbird plugin, based on readpst, to allow importing Outlook PST and select which email folder to import. Licence : GPL, LGPL, MPL

  2. Could you increase priority of Bug 329570, please?

  3. If U are able to fix these bugs, sunbird will work fine for me (and many other users).
    Most important to fix:
    * Bug 329570: concurrent editing ICS & CalDAV calendars by multiple users can lose data
    * Bug 369287: Large calendars with many recurring items slow down the app
    * Bug 393395: Offline Support infrastructure: Synchronization interfaces
    Cheers !

  4. Bug 329570 is really worse!

  5. Sunbird User is right, they need to get fixed asap. Looks to complicated for normal users, maybe the guys from sun can take a look at it?

  6. When deleting an event or a task, 0.7 fails to ask whether you are sure about deleting it.
    Also, it would be handy if it would be possible to reverse an action taken.

  7. Could priority categories be added (as in Lotus Organizer)?

  8. Would it be possible to add a facility for selecting more than one task/event, in order to take the selected group to another day in one go? (I use Sunbird mainly as a To Do list at the moment).

  9. Would it be possible to include an option to group tasks/events per ‘calendar name’ together in one block, in a day-field?

  10. New task / New event disappears after entering if no date selected. Cure for this could be to have Sunbird enter “today’s” date as standard.

  11. jk,
    this is not the right place to report bugs or post enhancement requests. Please direct both of those to bugzilla.

  12. I note your comment and apologise, but must say that it is totally unclear to me how & where to find the right place to leave my comments.
    There is no clear communication structure for mere users of this software?