Join us on Thursday, December 13th for the first testday after the 0.7 release. The developers landed a first set of features for the upcoming Lightning & Sunbird 0.8:

  • Task mode (Lightning only)
  • Event list aka unifinder for Lightning
  • Seperate Calendar mode menu (Lightning only)
  • New alarm dialog
  • Alarm indicator icons in the Calendar views
  • Backend fixes to improve e.g. timezone handling and tasks

We suggest not to use the rather out-of-date Calendar testcases on Litmus but ad hoc testing. Some of you might ask, how this should work. Ad hoc testing is part of exploratory testing and less formal than you are used to with Litmus. You try to find bugs with any means that seem appropriate, and simply check out the different features. Important things, i.e. bugs, can be found quickly, because it is performed with improvisation. Always have a look at the Error Console (especially before submitting a bug report), there could always be valuable information for our developers.

As usual there are also some fixed bugs that need to be verified.

So, join us in #calendar-qa on Thursday. All the information on the test day is in our usual Test Day Wiki Page.

Happy Testing!


  1. Wow! It is good to see the unifinder implemented for lightning. This was one of the reasons for me not switching to lightning from SeaMonkey mail and the integrated calendar. Thanks to all of you for providing this fix. Hopefully I will make the switch soon.

  2. Hi,
    I’ve just downloaded Lightning 0.8pre 2007121104 and I have to say IT IS PRETTY FAST :) I am surprised!!! Great work !!! Keep going :) !!!

  3. Sorry to say, but i can’t see any speed differences. It is sssssoooooo slow on ics files :-((((

  4. Sunbird is really SLOW on ics-files.
    There’s no development on the essential bugs. Last good version was 0.2.

  5. yes, this is a big problem. The bugs with data loss when writing to remote ics-files with more users is a shame. the speed major sucks, too ;-(((

  6. this is true. the speed is a problem, but i like it dozen times more than this crappy outlook sh*t.

  7. Is there a known issue using gdata provider and lightning with thunderbird trunk?
    Google provider – Requires additional items
    Lightning – is only ver 0.6a
    Would like to be testing lightning + gdata provider.