Lightning/Sunbird Status Update (December 07)

Another week has gone by and another 19 bugs have been fixed in the last 8 days. Nothing particularly interesting this time, just the usual bug-fixing and polishing going on.

Here’s the complete list with all the 19 bug fixes:

  • Bug 389522:
    move shared code from applicationUtil.js to calUtils.js
  • Bug 390492:
    events with DURATION get serialized with DURATION and DTEND
  • Bug 390495:
    datepicker combo from calendar tab is expanded after starting thunderbird
  • Bug 392584:
    Calendar-Mode menu cleanup
  • Bug 393816:
    Eliminate use of X-MOZ-LOCATIONPATH
  • Bug 396316:
    update format of stored login manager entries
  • Bug 398975:
    improvements to caldav-scheduling discovery
  • Bug 399809:
    Trim down Sunbird build
  • Bug 400950:
    Change calDatetime to reference its timezone definition
  • Bug 403058:
    Minimonth month dropdown menu misses styling on mouse hover
  • Bug 405039:
    Don’t use localized prefs for Get (extensions|themes)
  • Bug 405459:
    Task without start and due date are not displayed anymore
  • Bug 405833:
    Make recurrence dialog more extension friendly (be generous with ids)
  • Bug 406433:
    Keyboard shortcut for menu View -> Week (Alt+2) doesn’t work
  • Bug 406569:
    GData loader fails for lightning
  • Bug 406603:
    Add Korean locale to Calendar
  • Bug 406747:
    Exception when setting calRecurrenceRule.endDate
  • Bug 406801:
    Import and display of event with foreign timezone fails
  • Bug 406849:
    Remove unused entity calendarproperties.autorefresh.label from calendar.dtd

Thanks again to all our developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters.

If you’re interested in helping out, read this article directed at developers. People without coding experience, who would like to help as well, should read this article about our recent testing initiative or our documentation efforts. Everyone of you can really make a difference here!

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  1. Hi,
    I have just installed Sunbird in my computer.
    I am switching from Google Calendar to Sunbird. I would like to know whether Sunbird allows customized panel views. If so, how can I do it?
    I try to search on the help, however, I am afraid that I could not find the information. Could you please help?
    Thank you very much.