Important bugfixes in the last week – Part 2 (front-end)

As mentioned in Wednesday’s status report a lot of last week’s bugfixes fix important or longstanding issues and deserve special attention. In the first part on Thursday I already described the most important fixes with regards to performance and the calendar backend. Today comes the 2nd part, where I’ll describe the more user-facing changes in the front-end in more detail. Of the four important fixes, three apply to Lightning’s new task mode, which was got quite some polish in the last few days. Now let’s get down to business:

  • Bug 257428: use alarms? — preference on a per-calendar basis
    The ability to work with many different calendars is definitely a strong point of Lightning and Sunbird. In the past however, if you were subscribed to a calendar of one of your friends, working with different calendars could become rather annoying, because alarms for events in your friends calendar would also be displayed in your installation – whether you wanted to know about it or not.

    Thanks to Sebastian Schwieger this is now a thing of the past, because now you can enable/disable the display of alarms for every calendar that you are subscribing to. Thanks go also to Philipp who reviewed the patch.

  • Bug 408798: Optimize Menu Structure for Task Mode
    With this patch the task mode in Lightning now offers a menu structure, which is more focussed on task-related features. Before that patch went in we were using the same menu structure in task mode and calendar mode, which is clearly bad from a UI perspective as the two modes have different characteristics. The next step in the coming weeks will be restructuring of the task mode toolbar to make it also more focussed on task-related features.
    Thanks go to Berend for the implementation, Christian for the initial design and to Mickey for the review.
  • Bug 411497: Task mode should offer some sort of filtering
    The event list in Lightnings calendar mode offers the possibility to filter the list of events which should be displayed. A similar feature was lacking in task mode. As of now, you have the ability to filter the list of tasks in the left-hand sidebar in task mode. The selection of filters offers stuff like today’s tasks, overdue tasks, completed tasks, etc.

    Thanks to Mickey for his implementation and to Berend who reviewed the patch.

  • Bug 411498: Task mode details pane doesn’t show enough details
    Until now the task mode was a pretty bleak place. The lower “detail pane” would only display the task title and the description text. With Mickey’s new patch (and Berend’s review) many more details like priority, start date, due date, category, state of completion, recurrence, etc. will now be shown as well, giving you a much better picture on your current tasks.

I hope you are as excited as I am. With all this new stuff the upcoming 0.8 release is going to rock. Stay tuned for more!

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  1. Thanks Simon for all these posts. And I fully agree with you, based on my own experience with the nightlies, the 0.8 release will rock!