Lightning/Sunbird Status Update (January 30)

Another week has gone by and another 12 bugs have been fixed in the last few days. There was nothing particularly interesting this time, just the usual bug-fixing and polishing going on.

Here’s the complete list with all the 12 bug fixes:

  • Bug 386432: Unify front-end code of Lightning and Sunbird (Part 2: Toolbar consolidation)
  • Bug 388656: DATE values must not specify a TZID
  • Bug 401720: Can’t add event to calendar from invitation if multiple calendars exist
  • Bug 406372: Provide easier access to prodid, prodversion
  • Bug 406441: make it possible to build lightning as universal package
  • Bug 412478: Lightning removes Open Saved Message… command from File menu
  • Bug 413214: Remove alarm image if suppressAlarms is true
  • Bug 413291: CalDAV-sched freebusy interop with Bedework
  • Bug 413516: Unifinder shows only the last modified event
  • Bug 413620: Unify/cleanup navigation menu in all modes
  • Bug 413656: Future events/tasks are reported to be ‘today’ in alarms
  • Bug 414230: Restart required for ‘Workweek days only’ and ‘Task in View’

Thanks again to all our developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters.


  1. Quick question…
    The standalone app Sunbird has a really useful search pane right above the calendar. Is there a way to enable this in Lightning?

  2. It’s already in the latest nightly builds.

  3. Lightning 0.7 doesn’t have search pane but Lightning 0.8 is going to have this feature.
    Now 0.8pre (nightly buids) has search feature (unifinder) but there is a bug (regression)
    and actually it isn’t working.
    Last Nightly build with a working unifinder was on 20 (21) of january.
    I’m looking forward to using this function and I hope they will fix this bug before 0.8 RC1 comes out. And for the future the same function for the tasks ;-).

  4. Wow!! Just fixed!
    You’ve listened to me. :-)

  5. A colleage of mine has the folowing strange appearance in TB.
    In the bottom-left of thunderbird there are two buttons: [Email] and [Agenda].
    In his screen he has:
    And when you drag the sidebar to a bigger width:
    I can not find out how to reproduce this appearance, but now you know about it.
    (Looking forward to 0.8!!!)

  6. @Manual
    Try to reset the toolbar as described in Bug 392936 Comment #9 to remove the duplicate buttons.