Lightning/Sunbird Status Update (January 14)

Another week has gone by and another 19 bugs have been fixed in the last few days. The only important change within the last week I already blogged about yesterday. Otherwise there’s nothing particularly interesting this time, just the usual bug-fixing and polishing going on.

Here’s the complete list with all the 19 bug fixes:

  • Bug 323011:
    Unifinder default option should not be ‘all events’
  • Bug 353887:
    Calendar Internal Code has errors when calculating recurrences with all-day and non-allday items
  • Bug 362650:
    Google Calendar Provider: Support for Recurring Events
  • Bug 367186:
    Migration wizard hangs when importing an empty ICS file from calendar extension
  • Bug 376585:
    Subscription Dialog: Add search functionality and possibility to add more than one calendar at once
  • Bug 379029:
    API to reflect provider capabilities (gdata)
  • Bug 393395:
    Offline Support infrastructure: Synchronization interfaces
  • Bug 402325:
    Disable cut and paste commands when all calendars are readonly
  • Bug 402534:
    Provide a default set of categories
  • Bug 404056:
    Select Calendar dialog is empty during export/import/publish
  • Bug 405251:
    Unit tests for memory and storage providers
  • Bug 405687:
    Missing keyboard shortcut for the tasks window
  • Bug 406731:
    Event…, Task…, Calendar… items are missing in File Menu
  • Bug 409249:
    Creating Tasks should return an error
  • Bug 409968:
    Modifying all items of a recurring event runs into exceptions
  • Bug 410560:
    Quicken standalone build process
  • Bug 410755:
    It is not possible to resize and reorder the columns of the task list
  • Bug 410788:
    Remove some dumps, fix js strict errors
  • Bug 412154:
    Creating events with custom recurrence rule fails [Error: getElementValue is not defined]

Thanks again to all our developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters.


  1. Simon: Can you please correct a typo in the Canadian Holidays calendar. Remembrance Day is misspelled (Rememberance).
    Also, is there any appetite for creating (at least a few) province-specific calendars so that holidays like Family Day (third Monday in February in Alberta, Sask. and Ontario) are included. The first Monday in August is a holiday in almost every province/territory, so that would be a good one to include (see:

  2. @brendini:
    See the last paragraph on the Holiday Calendars page on how to submit an updated or new calendar file.