Recurring events – now working in Provider for Google Calendar nightlies

Our resident GData hacker, Philipp, tells me that as of now the latest nightly builds of the Provider for Google Calendar extension support recurring events.

Here are some details:

  • Extension nightlies containing the necessary patch are availabe on
  • This only works on Lightning and Sunbird nightly builds. Sorry 0.7 users, you’ll have to wait until the 0.8 release comes out.
  • In the case that the deletion of a recurring event is not working, this may be due to a known bug on the Google side. Please test with another timezone.
  • Philipp hopes to release his next version (0.4) of the Provider for Google Calendar extension at the same time that Lightning and Sunbird 0.8 come out. Release 0.4 will contain recurrence support.

Any help in testing this stuff is greatly appreciated by Philipp and the whole Calendar community.


  1. Thanks Philipp, I’ve been waiting for this so badly!
    I’m looking forward to use it with offline support in 0.8
    Thanks again to all peopole working on this project

  2. Thanks a lot for this very useful improvement. Now, there is almost no need left to connect directly on Google (hum, except for setting alarms by SMS! Please, please, correct this bug also, many thanks in advance :).