0.8 release status update

I guess some of you are asking themselves how we are doing with respect to our next major release. So here’s a short update:

At the moment we are down to seven blocker bugs, which will need to be fixed before we push out the first release candidate. The status on those bugs is:

  • One tracking bug with only one outstanding issue. We could release without this bug getting fixed.
  • One documentation bug (release notes). A first draft for the release notes is ready. The notes are currently awaiting developer feedback.
  • Three bugs have a patch or a solution was proposed, so we’re optimistic here
  • Two bugs, where we are currently investigating a solution

I’m sorry that we’re not fixing those bugs faster, but two of our main developers are away for a few weeks and such a 33% drop in manpower is hard to handle for such a small project as ours.

But there’s also something positive to mention:
A few days ago, the last outstanding localization completed the translation of newly added strings. That means that Sunbird builds for all 29 languages (including English) are now available for testing purposes. For Lightning we’ll provide localized builds when the first release candidate (RC1) comes out. But all our non-English testers are encouraged to give builds in their native language a try.

English test builds for Sunbird are available here.
All other 28 languages can bei downloaded from here.


  1. If you comment on bugs, you should shortly explain which bugs are open, not just state that bugs are open. Maybe somebody can help you.

  2. yea I was actually wondering what are the 6 bug that are blocking release (not 7 since the seventh is explain)?

  3. Hello,
    i don’t know if it’s really the good place to post a wish but i tried the 0.8pre 2008022149 of lightning under thunderbird 2.0 in france and i noticed that there was a new task icon in the mode toolbar. That’s great but what about the addressbook icon in this toolbar, it cout be more coherent to have all the differnets mode here isn’t it ?
    Thank for your job therefore, waiting for 0.8 impatiently.
    Sorry for my english from France !

  4. For those wanting to know the open blocker bugs: http://tinyurl.com/3ctgu9

  5. I would agree with kristofm2002 and his address book button suggestion.
    I would also like to add a context menu option to “add task” when right clicking on a date.
    These are small gui wishes but i do think that they would greatly enhance the user experience.

  6. Sunbird has finally come in leaps and bounds. I use to use 0.2, but from 0.3 it became uselessly slow (I have almost 5000 events and tasks). Recent optimisations have made it usable (for me) once again – congratulation to the developers.
    If there is somewhere else to post feature requests, please let me know, but I would love to be able to also search my tasks – not just my events. For example, to find the phone number I had to call or an address I had to post to. Is this feature available, or in the pipelines?
    Anyway, well done for all the fine work!

  7. Guys, just wanted to say that you are making fantastic progress, especially for such a “small” project team. I hear Lightning will be integrated into Thunderbird with the 3.0 release (whenever it comes out) – I think this is a great accomplishment!

  8. Sometime between 2-15 and 2-16 I’ve lost the ability to dismiss alarms. If I use a 2-15 build it works, but the 2-16 build doesn’t actually mark the event as dismissed, so when the calendar is reloaded, the alarm fires again. Is this possibly related to any of the still open blocker bugs?

  9. ver. 0.8 great!!! Lightning is really beginning to look like a real PIM. Now it is only short of note-mode with rich formatting and palm-synchronization.

  10. Hello All,
    I noticed a new bug/regression with version Lightning 2008022419. I have multiple calendars some are local and other are remote. When I am not connected to network often my local calendar are only readable. It is not possible to edit existing events. And if I add some new events they don’t appear on calendar !
    I need to unckeck and check the selected calendar to show new created events or to make events writable !
    Thank you for our great job. Keep up the good work.

  11. Really waiting impatiently the 0.8 release!!!
    keep the good work!