Lightning/Sunbird Status Update (February 24)

One more week has gone by and some 24 bugs got fixed. The most notable fix this week was probably:

  • Bug 366177: Memory cache for storage provider
    This patch gives us a performance improvement of somewhere between 5% to 10% on local storage calendars. Our thanks go to Daniel for implementing the patch. Philipp and Sebastian Schwieger also helped on this.

Here is the list of all the 24 bugs which were fixed within the last week:

  • Bug 366177: Memory cache for storage provider
  • Bug 379198: Make Lightning understand event updates
  • Bug 395654: Failure to renegotiate digest auth
  • Bug 401273: Alarms added to all events imported via CSV file
  • Bug 402841: Copy an event to the calendar and it shows up as the day before
  • Bug 403594: ‘Last day of the month’ recurrence rule has been screwed up
  • Bug 409966: ‘Workweek days only’ option is inversed after update from 0.7
  • Bug 410635: Task/Event to eMail conversion -> subject gets a leading ‘Re:’
  • Bug 410931: Update internal timezone definitions
  • Bug 412746: Email addresses defect after event->task conversion on Mac
  • Bug 413868: Lightning forces Thunderbird to English due to shipping sunbird-only files
  • Bug 414821: Timezone dialog throws error when OS timezone doesn’t fit to internal timezone
  • Bug 416240: Network ics calendar displays online but does not cache for offline access
  • Bug 417526: Task preview pane corrupts Mail mode window layout
  • Bug 417911: Fire viewloaded event when view is loaded
  • Bug 418237: Pinstripe typo, Error in parsing value for property -moz-image-region
  • Bug 418251: Categories toolbar-button popup menu are not sorted locally dependent
  • Bug 418296: Unifinder event list sort key caching speed improvement
  • Bug 418387: Task contextmenu: Mark Completed menuitem is often not correctly prechecked
  • Bug 418585: No working Sunbird 0.8pre nightly builds available for Mac OS X
  • Bug 418647: Follow-up comment on timezones
  • Bug 418657: Hide Completed Task feature is broken in task list
  • Bug 418792: L10n specific preferences not working
  • Bug 418995: CSV import creates empty fields datastores

Special thanks again go to all developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters that made this possible.


  1. >> Bug 379198: Make Lightning understand event updates
    Does this mean that if someone in Outlook sends a meeting update, Thunderbird will update the event instead of creating an all new one?
    If so, then I may leave Entourage 2008.

  2. Scooter Conrad

    Dear Lighning Project People,
    Keep up the EXCELLENT work.
    I love Lightning!
    It made Office Outlook obsolete.
    Thunderbird & Lightning WOW!!!
    Take Care,