Lightning/Sunbird Status Update (February 17)

Nearly three weeks have gone by since the last status update. The reason for this was me being pretty busy with my day job, not the developers being idle and not fixing bugs. In fact 51 bugs were fixed in the last 19 days.

One bugfix is of special importance:

  • Bug 327780: Need to sort out what sort of toolbar UI to offer for Lightning
    This bug enables new icons in Lightning and Sunbird which should better match the Thunderbird theme. The patch also creates a new toolbar for the task mode, which only shows task-related actions. The same goes for the menus in task mode, where all event-related functionality was removed. Our thanks go to Berend for implementing this huge patch, to Christian for his UI design work and to Mickey and Philipp for their code reviews.

Here is the list of all the 51 bugs which were fixed within the last 19 days:

  • Bug 265971: n in SUMMARY of VEVENT not interpreted
  • Bug 321010: Need better stripping of illegal css chars from category names
  • Bug 327780: Need to sort out what sort of toolbar UI to offer for Lightning
  • Bug 340949: Server cannot cope with floating events, fallback to user default
  • Bug 389341: Tooltips too tall: only expand, don’t shrink height
  • Bug 391379: Does not work behind a proxy with authentication
  • Bug 393817: Reduce network usage by CalDAV provider
  • Bug 400450: Check removed-files for wrong entries
  • Bug 402407: PNGs can be re-compressed further
  • Bug 406576: Investigate calIcalProperty::setDatetime_ for parentless properties
  • Bug 407808: Quick-add field shrinks to a few pixel height
  • Bug 408652: Task event conversion: no description text
  • Bug 408786: Recurring event to task conversion is not possible
  • Bug 408968: It’s not possible to convert a WCAP invitation in to a task
  • Bug 412622: Wrong display of importance icons
  • Bug 412723: reopened Add LoginManager bits to trunk win32 installer
  • Bug 412723: Fix HTTP authentication bustage on trunk
  • Bug 412737: Don’t show readonly calendars in file picker
  • Bug 412918: New Tasks run out of the view
  • Bug 413128: All calendars are deselected after Lightning update
  • Bug 413159: Changing calendar for tasks via context menu doesn’t work
  • Bug 413265: Some timezones not mapped correctly
  • Bug 413474: Delete button in Mail mode does not delete events or tasks
  • Bug 413484: CVS remove unused files from calendar/resources/content
  • Bug 413715: Unifinder search is broken
  • Bug 414519: Recurring event without gd:when breaks parsing
  • Bug 414537: Task preview pane should show a link to a web page
  • Bug 414573: Print button is always enabled in Mail mode
  • Bug 414790: Missing calendar-management.js in imip-bar-overlay.xul
  • Bug 414897: Correct capitalization of imipHtml.Comment
  • Bug 415081: Get rid of lightning-wcap.xpi
  • Bug 415253: Reload causes error in hidden Unifinder
  • Bug 415495: Remove calendar controllers to fix XPConnect assertions
  • Bug 415513: Add Japanese locale to Calendar
  • Bug 415654: Use different alarm icon for suppressed alarms
  • Bug 415759: Errors on sunbird startup
  • Bug 415894: Remove Punjabi as a supported locale
  • Bug 415956: Unifinder is always sorted by event title after startup
  • Bug 415987: FREEBUSY decoding does not support comma-separated entries
  • Bug 415990: JS warning: while(calGoItem = calGoPopupMenu.firstChild)
  • Bug 416158: Keyboard navigation of the event list (unifinder) is slow
  • Bug 416206: Erroneous drag’n’drop with tasks in multiweek/month view
  • Bug 416525: Add Link for task or event does not work (URL is not saved)
  • Bug 416608: Unifinder close-button seems to be in a selected state
  • Bug 416802: Additional properties to allow easy customization of days in the views
  • Bug 416851: Implement offline interfaces for GDATA
  • Bug 417056: Disable wcap caching until dependant bugs are fixed
  • Bug 417429: JS-errors when trying to Compose E-Mail to Attendees from Sunbird
  • Bug 417508: Event dialog broken, impossible to edit events and tasks
  • Bug 417515: Removing Progress or Priority button in task mode causes startup error
  • Bug 417873: CalDAV provider needs to fire onLoad

Special thanks again go to all developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters that made this possible.

Due to the huge amount of bugfixes, we could really use your help in testing all the new stuff that went in lately. So if you want to help, join us on our next bugday.


  1. Hello,
    I’m not sure if this is the best spot to ask questions but I can’t seem to figure out the best way to go about asking questions.
    I’m trying to figure out how the whole “bug” thing works. Are these patches? If so how does one install them? Is there somewhere I can learn how the whole “bug” thing works?
    Also if there is a function, say assigning multiple address books to one contact, I want to learn about or to suggest where is the best place to do this?
    Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask these questions.
    Thank you for your time.

  2. @Jonah Mulski might be a good start for reading.
    If you want to try a test build that contains the fixes from above see the ‘Latest Sunbird/Lightning Nightly build’ links on

  3. The new icon set looks fantastic in Sunbird, much more modern looking.
    For anybody that is interested, I got the new 0.8pre build icons working in Sunbird 0.7 easily by updating the toolbar-large.png and toolbar-small.png files inside the calendar.jar file in the chrome folder. Works perfectly without any problems.
    Download the calendar.jar:
    -extract 7z file with 7-Zip
    -overwrite calendar.jar in chrome folder
    This is only tested with Sunbird 0.7, I have not tested this with Lightning.