TestDays, Status, and Timezones Oh My!

In our last QA Chat, we decided to revive our old tradition of blogging about the test day results. So, on our last testday we had really great participation from a whole host of folks, and four of these intrepid individuals burned through our Litmus tests, running 313 tests. Overall, 6 new bugs were found. Congratulations to thetux for taking the cup with a whopping 210 tests run!!

We are continuing to push on toward the 0.8 release candidate. In that vein, I’d like to make a special plea for testing. We are about to check in the code that will update the time zone database. Once that happens, we need you to do two things:

  • TEST: We could really use your help in testing this. You know your own time zone far better than we do, so make sure your calendar switches into and out of summer time (or doesn’t switch at all) at the appropriate dates for this year.
  • BACKUP:If you have been running the 0.8 nightly builds, then you MUST backup your local (non-network) calendars (export them to ICS) BEFORE upgrading to a build with this change in it. The details are in bugzilla, but if you are running some of the 0.8pre builds, then this change might break your calendar when you update to the latest nightly.

What if I am running 0.7 (or earlier)? In that case, you are fine. You should be able to upgrade to 0.8 with no problems. Of course, it is always a good idea to periodically backup your calendars anyway. This issue occurs because we don’t support upgrades between nightly versions, only between released versions of the software.

That said, we know a number of early adopters have already made the switch to 0.8pre builds and we want them to be aware of this potential issue.


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  1. There are many calendars out there.
    Would be nice to have a “free” calendar that can be shared and accessed from multiple computers. Similiar to a product like essentialpim that runs a firebird sql database which a person can log into.
    This would be great for families with children and more than one computer. Data can be entered and read for all workstations.