Calendar Community Testday On Thursday, July 17

Our next test day will be held on Thursday, July 17th, and we need your help to find regressions and bugs!

I want to give you a short description how a test day proceeds:
We usually try a mix of Litmus and ad-hoc testing. Ad-hoc testing is testing where we attempt to use the product like a ‘normal user’ to find any issues that crop up along the way. We also try to make the application break by doing unexpected things – mixing up events, mails, tasks, calendar types etc. This is also called ‘destructive testing’. After you have discovered a bug, you should take a look at the Error Console in the Tools menu before submitting a bug report, since it usually contains valuable information that points to the cause of the bug.
We also verify fixed bugs. In this case, we just add a comment to the bug report stating our used product, version and operating system.

Please, join us in #calendar-qa on Thursday. You can find all information on the test day on our Test Day wiki page.

Happy Testing!

Calendar QA Team



  1. Are the “Final Modifications of the Calendar Views” going to be included in this Testday?

  2. Hello, i want to test Ligthning with Thunderbird 3.0 under Windows XP, but i cant install the latest builds… “cant install 0.61a because its not compatible with tb 3.0” – where can i get the correct version?!
    regards. jan

  3. Martin Schröder

    Jan: You have to use a Thunderbird 3 nightly build. Released Thunderbird 3 alphas don’t work with nightly Lightning builds.

  4. Martin Schröder

    Luisete: The calendar views are steadily improved. Recently a refresh of the navigation area at the top the calendar view landed, and can now be tested in nightly builds, also on the testday.

  5. Martin: Thanks for your answer. My main interest is in the Today Pane and the colour of the boxes by each event, which now only show the colour of the calendar, but in new views they will also show the colour of the category.

  6. Hi! I just downloaded Lightning to use with Thunderbird and everything seems to work perfect (THANK YOU!!!!) except for the ‘New Task’ function. It simply doesn’t work – as in the button shoes non-clickable and when I try to do it through the shortcuts (eg. on the email part) nothing happens.
    Can you please give me any feedback on how to fix this?