[July 11, 2008] Lightning/Sunbird Status Update

With all the developers talking here now, it probably makes sense to also show you, what we’ve done in terms of real bug-fixing in the last few weeks. So within the last three weeks 28 bugs were fixed. Here’s the list of all these changes:

  • Bug 358695:
    Week/Multiday view: vertical time column too wide, should be narrower
  • Bug 370150:
    API enhancement: additions for group scheduling
  • Bug 375631:
    New TASK column: Days to Due
  • Bug 392561:
    Need to revise provider error notifications
  • Bug 396819:
    Event Summary Dialog doesn’t show important information to user
  • Bug 416594:
    Priority and progress buttons are broken after customizing toolbar
  • Bug 429488:
    Email drag’n’drop populates attendee list and causes failure to save event
  • Bug 431522:
    Can’t add an invitation to an event if the same event is already in one of your calendars
  • Bug 432579:
    Enabling cache for public calendar causes entries to dissappear
  • Bug 437451:
    Menu “File -> New -> Calendar” is disabled in Mail Mode
  • Bug 437939:
    Invitation counter needs restart for update
  • Bug 438546:
    “Select All” (Ctrl+A) & “Undo” (Ctrl+Z) in Mail mode doesn’t work
  • Bug 438963:
    All day event is shown on the day before the actual day of the event
  • Bug 440126:
    Error during timezone guessing [ReferenceError: navigator is not defined]
  • Bug 440550:
    XML prologue in calendar-occurrence-prompt.dtd confuses compare-locales
  • Bug 440715:
    Selecting event in the unifinder doesn’t scroll view to event
  • Bug 441246:
    Add support for categories in Google Calendar
  • Bug 441748:
    deleting a single occurrence of a ‘non floating’ all day rule is not possible
  • Bug 442003:
    Create a binding to easily add notification bars to emails
  • Bug 442392:
    Expected errors are notified via dialog box
  • Bug 442571:
    Integrate “Create a new Calendar” into the account central pane
  • Bug 442651:
    No organizer in the attendees dialog
  • Bug 443157:
    Task invitation leads to exceptions on startup
  • Bug 443361:
    Misleading logon prompt when subscribing to multiple Google calendars
  • Bug 444292:
    Replace Decorated Header (Nav Bar) by standard Items
  • Bug 444407:
    Progressbar should not be shown if column is to narrow or progress is 0%
  • Bug 444713:
    Allow providers to provide a set of supported timezones

Many thanks go to all developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters that make this possible.


  1. Nice! Thanks a lot! Keep up the good work!

  2. So when will we see a 0.9 release so that we can get these fixes?