Simon’s developer notes: Off to the Mozilla summit

I’ll be leaving today for the Mozilla summit in Whistler, Canada. Daniel, Philipp and Martin are also coming from the Calendar team as are hundreds of other key contributors from all major mozilla projects and products.
I hope to have some good discussions on the future of Mail & Calendar, localization and other issues that I’ve been pursuing. This will be a good time to finally meet in person many of the people that I’ve only been in contact with via newsgroups, mail and IRC.
You guys can also expect a new status update within the next few days. Until then…


  1. Good luck :)

  2. First of all welcome to Whistler, Canada. I am a fan of the Mozilla suite and the lightning extension. I live in Vancouver, Canada and am very excited that you chose Whistler for your Summit. If you are not aware Whistler is the host for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Hope you’ll find plenty of new development there. Wish you a grand success at the Summit.

  3. Hi. Sorry if this is a bad place for feature requests, but I can’t seem to find anywhere better.
    What I want is for a print option that prints exactly what you see before hitting the print button. Helps greatly when seeing times.

  4. Hi Felix,
    There is a pdfCreator tool that installs as a virtual printer. This is a free tool and can be downloaded from the website:
    Install this and print all your calendars to this printer. You can see a preview of what is exactly going to be printed.

  5. Did a quick search but found nothing.
    Is it possible to export to odf spreadsheets?
    Currently I have it exporting to .csv
    Although if I edit the .csv openoffice says I should save to odf instead of csv because of changes made (for example I changed date format). But I may not want to have to save to a different file (would prefer to export to the odf filetype, no need to convert then).
    Also it is possible to edit the titles of some of the headings when creating a new event? Such as changing “Location” to say “Price” or anything else? What about the ability to add new items when creating a new appointment so more info can be added in an appropriate area, so that when exporting to .csv it is kept under its own heading (has its own column)? This would help sort stuff out and able to easily collect/examine data input into the calendar when exporting to a spreadsheet.
    Sorry if I am rambling or if I should say this somewhere else.
    Great program.

  6. csv is a general format not depending on the client you edit it with. Comma Seperated Values. Calc does know how to handle these, it just deliveres strings seperated with comma’s. csv doesn’t have features like bold etc so that’s why calc (and excel too BTW) asks you this question.
    As for the location, this is a standard-property of the ics-specification. We can’t change the name of this. We could support an extra mozilla-specific property (we call it an X-prop) in every event which changes the name “location”into “Price” but I guess someone would have to write an extension for this.

  7. Thank you for the response.
    I figured an extension would be best to change the text.