[July 28, 2008] Lightning/Sunbird Status Update

As promised here is a new status update.

As you can see, the last 16 days have brought us a huge load of 45 bug fixes in anticipation of the upcoming 0.9 release. Unfortunately, due to the high amount of remaining blocking bugs (28 at the time of writing) we had to postpone the originally planned release date of 0.9 RC1 to a later date. I’ll keep you posted on this.

Here’s the list of all the 45 bug fixes:

  • Bug 319909
    Failure to properly serialize/unserialize ics ATTACH properties
  • Bug 352213
    Localizability issues with newevent.recurrence.every.label in calendar.dtd
  • Bug 374464
    Context menu: rename Edit Item / Delete Item entry to Edit / Delete
  • Bug 409845
    ‘Preferences’ and ‘Quit Thunderbird’ are disabled in Calendar mode and Task mode
  • Bug 409921
    Implement CalDAV scheduling
  • Bug 411799
    fixing potential etag PROPFIND / PUT race
  • Bug 412962
    The filters of task pane should contain ‘Open Tasks’ or ‘Not Completed Tasks
  • Bug 412971
    Bad formating of invitations – Weblinks in invitation unusable
  • Bug 413103
    Unify and localize string building for time intervals [start + ‘ – ‘ + end]
  • Bug 416239
    Crash on quit seems to point to libwebdav; eliminate use of webdav extension”
  • Bug 423172
    Leaks in calRecurrenceInfo
  • Bug 426153
    Add link to event page in event editing dialog
  • Bug 428035
    Freebusy requests repeated on related scheduling outbox of every configured calendar
  • Bug 428324
    Creating new profile fails on some systems; error in reading from storage.sdb”
  • Bug 429255
    Lightning not emailing invites for CalDAV calendars
  • Bug 430382
    Updated calendar views
  • Bug 432417
    calRecurrenceInfo::onStartDateChange leaves wrong RECURRENCE-IDs
  • Bug 435390
    Style sheet missing from iMip/iTip (regression)
  • Bug 437441
    Finalize calendar-timezones.xpi
  • Bug 437442
    Update timezone definitions
  • Bug 438534
    Remove processor define for windows x64 build
  • Bug 440017
    include config.mk before using INSTALL_LIGHTNING so that var can be set
  • Bug 440022
    ensure that Lightning doesn’t have empty min/maxVersion in install.rdf
  • Bug 442220
    WCAP event: Timezone UTC/GMT changed automatically to Europe/London
  • Bug 442566
    make Lightning build on new shared calendar/mail/suite repository
  • Bug 443722
    Add possiblity to change elements order in Edit Recurrence window
  • Bug 444551
    Select an event in a readonly calendar and use the delete key -> error message
  • Bug 444748
    Get rid of custom timezone service
  • Bug 444822
    Add documentation to UI code and some UI code fixes
  • Bug 444827
    Add binding for calendar captions
  • Bug 445400
    Startup Error: ics-service doesn’t recognize own tzid: Asia/Choibalsan
  • Bug 445488
    Mind default alarm setting if replying via invitations or event summary dialog
  • Bug 445527
    Some keyboard shortcuts are not shown in menu (regression)
  • Bug 445545
    Port Firefox/Thunderbird Bug 378598 to Sunbird
  • Bug 445728
    Delete an single event of a recurring event with attendees -> ‘Notify Attendees’ dialog pops up 2x
  • Bug 445982
    Task invitation via iTIP/iMIP doesn’t work (Disable task invitations)
  • Bug 445997
    No email identity in calendar properties selected
  • Bug 446170
    Lightning build bustage from bug 440017, remove config.mk inclusion on 1.8 only
  • Bug 446190
    alarm service should mind disabled calendars
  • Bug 446366
    Header of multiweek view always assumes the week to begin with Sunday
  • Bug 446558
    Show tooltips in summary dialog
  • Bug 446559
    Set CSS classes for invitations
  • Bug 446666
    “Send attendees invitations via email” checkbox is disabled (grayed out)”
  • Bug 447621
    All day event -> tooltip shows wrong date (start and end)
  • Bug 447913
    CalDAV provider should avoid query-by-uid on after-PUT fetches

Many thanks go to all developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters that make this possible.


  1. maybe regression: in month view I can’t view today (28 july). Only if I move to august I view the 28 july: I think should be a scrollbar.

  2. where can I find a development roadmap?
    it would be great if there were full support for Exchange server calendar.
    The only reason I still have outlook on my computer is so that I can use my company’s calendar.

  3. Sorry to come back on a bug that landed on July 11th, which is Bug 444292:
    Replace Decorated Header (Nav Bar) by standard Items
    What is the rationale behind this bug? I think we loose a very useful function, which is to easily navigate to the 3 coming or preceeding week for instance. The previous function was a tremendous advantage on Outlook. Now it looks like Outlook…
    Too sad.
    Can somebody explain, please?

  4. I think the priority is to fully implement the caldav standard. If MS exchange decides to support caldav then lightning/sunbird should work flawlessly.

  5. Pablo,
    we’re working on a development roadmap. Exchange support is not on it currently. That doesn’t mean that we don’t want to have it (we do), just that with our current resources we think that we can make more of a difference in other spaces.
    we did some extensive UI research there and came to the conclusion that we made seldomly used user-actions (like moving 3 weeks forward/backwards) easy by sacrificing often-used user actions (like going to the next/previous week). Bug 444292 is the reaction to that research.

  6. Does anyone know of a bug filed for switching views between calendar and mail in Shredder 3.0 alpha (now beta)?
    Are people aware that you can’t currently switch back and forth?
    Is Thunderbird 2.0 still the primary focus until 0.9 is reached?

  7. One of the most voted bugs (199732) is still absolutly forgotten by devs…

  8. Dorsanty,
    see Bug 440700.