Simon’s Developer notes: Showing our bug fixing progress

Recently I was thinking about how we could show to people the progress in terms of activity, feature work and bug fixing that the Calendar Project has seen in the last few years. I came up with a number of bugzilla reports showing the number of bugs fixed per quarter since the inception of the Calendar Project.

I put all those numbers into a spreadsheet and created a graph from that and here it is:

While it’s important to note that not all bugs are equal (A very complex thing like “Support device sync” would be one bug as would be something trivial as “Change window title from ‘Edit event’ to ‘Open event'”), I think it still gives a good sense on the kind of increased activity that one could notice within the last few years in the Calendar project.

If anyone is wondering why we had such a huge drop of fixed bugs in Q2 2007, that was due to one of our key contributors being away for a few weeks in that time frame and the other developers waiting for him fixing a particular bug that was blocking the 0.5 release that was supposed to be released in that time frame.

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  1. From someone who’s been using Lightning since the 0.1 release, congratulations.
    I use TB+Lightning in a small business scenario, co-ordinating with with my partners and employees, who choose to use either just plain Google apps for both mail and calendar, or one colleague who still persists with Outlook. It’s an ongoing debate (well, argument at times!) in the office but I reckon I’ve got the best collaboration setup out of all of us for sure.
    As it is Thunderbird + Lightning, in conjunction with G-cal provider, gives me pretty much all the functionality I really need to collaborate effectively. Everything else from here in will be icing on what’s already a fantastic cake.
    Congratulations and thanks again.