Simon’s developer notes: Back from Mozilla summit

So I’m back from the Mozilla summit and hope to get out of my jet lag within the next few days. It was really a great adventure with bears, a power outage and a rockslide which got me first floatplane flight ever.

While many people seem to believe that Microsoft is behind all of this, I believe that this was all carefully planned out by Dan Portillo and John Lilly of MoCo :) My hat goes off to dan, who did a perfect job of organizing this whole event for over 400 people.

The summit was great in every aspect. I met lots of people, who I had only known online for years like Gary from the Rumbling Edge, Robert Kaiser (KaiRo) of SeaMonkey fame, Wayne Mery (Thunderbird QA), Axel Hecht (Pike), Mitchell Baker, the hopefully soon to be appointed MoFo Executive Director Mark Surman and many more who I can’t possibly all name, because then this post would get a few pages longer.

The sessions were great (I went to most of the Calendar/Thunderbird related ones) and I even got to hold one session myself, where I could introduce myself to a lot of localizers in my new role as Thunderbird localization coordinator.

Besides the sessions, I also got the chance to talk with some people more in depth about some issues, most notably with Mitchell Baker, David Boswell and Mark Surman about sorting out the issues of getting the Calendar Project into the Mozilla Foundation directed giving program, the Mozilla Foundation vision and more ways of cooperating with the Mozilla Foundation and leveraging its assets to move the Calendar Project forward. We also did some product planning regarding the necessary steps for enabling Lightning in Thunderbird.

There’s much more, that I could talk about, but I will just close this post by saying that this was a really great event, that many people will likely be talking about for years to come. Thanks Mozilla for organizing this!


  1. Heh, sounds like quite the adventure. I was quite amused by the bug report …