Calendar Community Testday On Thursday, October 30

The next test day will be held on Thursday, October 30th. This time we want to take a look at the Lightning trunk builds in Thunderbird 3.0b1pre again. Please keep in mind both are alpha versions! Therefore you should take following steps:

  • Though we do not expect things to go wrong, we always strongly encourage you to back up your profile, and to do your testing on a “test” profile.
  • Backing up a profile is easy:
    1. Find your profile directory:
      Windows: %AppData%Thunderbird
      Linux: ~/.thunderbird
      MacOSX: ~/Library/Thunderbird
    2. Copy the root of it somewhere else, for example copy the Thunderbird directory and everything below it.
  • Creating a testing profile is also easy:
    1. Launch your application with a ‘-P’ option.
    2. Create a new profile by clicking the ‘Create Profile’ button.
    3. Click ‘Next’, Give it a name like “Testing Profile”, click ‘Finish’.
    4. Select the testing profile, and click the ‘Start Shredder’ button.
  • Remember that you will have to start the application with the -P option during testing so you can pick your testing profile.
  • Once you have finished testing, you can delete the extra profiles, and you will be back to normal. If something goes terribly wrong (although we do not expect it to), close the application, and just replace the profile with the backed up copy. That will reset the application to the way it was before you started testing.

The goal of our test day is to run as many Litmus test cases for Lightning as possible. If you find outdated or broken test cases, please leave a comment.

There are also some fixed tb-integration bugs that need to be verified. You simply have to add a comment to the bug report stating what version and operating system you used while verifying the bug fixed.

Join us in the #calendar-qa IRC channel on Thursday. All the information on the testday is on our usual Test Day wiki page.

Hope to see you in #calendar-qa!

Calendar QA Team


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  1. Why mozilla calendars are not regional base, In iran we use Shamsi or (Persian Calendar) and in Suadi Arabia they use Hijri Calendar, Why mozilla do not develop applications based on other calendars?
    Just grogorian calendar is not very hard work.