[October 23, 2008] Lightning/Sunbird Status Update

Another week has gone by and we are making good progress with bugfixing and driving the integration into Thunderbird forward. Here’s the list of the 19 bugs that were fixed within the last 8 days:

  • Bug 290747: Use sunbird.jar for sunbird specific files
  • Bug 329582: Remove gCalendarWindow
  • Bug 332796: Incorrect behavior of up/down arrow keys in unifinder
  • Bug 348481: Unifinder: focus is lost when moving between events via up & down key
  • Bug 351145: Entry unreadable in unifinder/task list
  • Bug 404468: Can not review calendar whilst reviewing invitations
  • Bug 412817: Improve ASSERT macro output or remove the macro
  • Bug 415509: Only the last event of a day is selectable by mouse click in day/weekview
  • Bug 451018: Change “Send attendees invitations via email”
  • Bug 452381: Don’t pass strings to setTimeout
  • Bug 454543: Calendar Multiday-View: Performance improvement is required
  • Bug 456364: Thunderbird3: Remove Find Events, Delete, Print, Reload from Toolbar
  • Bug 459500: Cleanup packages-static, add missing and remove unnecessary entries
  • Bug 459803: Searching with unifinder causes error output and doesn’t work
  • Bug 459908: Error “gCalendarStatusFeedback is not defined” when some dialogs
  • Bug 460234: Sunbird fails to load a calendar if HTTP Auth is required
  • Bug 460994: Crash Reporter is not enabled in Sunbird
  • Bug 461121: Thunderbird3: Move Invitations link into status bar
  • Bug 461162: Port bug 451466 to calendar [make -C calendar/locales wget-en-US]

Many thanks go to all developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters that make this possible.

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  1. Hi,
    I installed nightly build after RC2 release i.e. build on 16th October. I am facing problem with outlook 2007 meeting requests. I am able to accept, decline them. I am able to see them on my lightning calendar. But the default alarm is not getting set to 15 mins before the meeting. I have checked the same on Outlook 2007 they configured it to set the alarm but I am not getting it in lightning.
    I am using Thunderbird on Windows XP SP2. This problem is coming only after I installed the nightly build after RC2.
    Btw, thanks for putting in so much of hard work.