[November 28, 2008] Lightning/Sunbird Status Update

22 days with no update here :-(
Some of you may think that this is, because we’re not making much progress, but this couldn’t be farer from the truth. Actually we have fixed 57 bugs in the last three weeks, which is is really an impressive feat.

Because of the large amount of changes, we’re asking everybody to go and download a nightly build and test it intensively and report all the bugs that you find in bugzilla.

As a reference, here’s the list of the 57 bugs that were fixed within the last 22 days:

  • Bug 349892: No validation what (kind of data) is pasted
  • Bug 355927: Make description in install.rdf localizable
  • Bug 357399: Import of iCalendar with (invalid?) RECURRENCE-ID is incomplete
  • Bug 380289: Warning: Error in parsing value for property ‘max-height’
  • Bug 390922: File | Exit menu item in Event dialog is misleading and should be removed
  • Bug 392465: Accept meeting invitation fails (has RECURRENCE-ID but no parent item)
  • Bug 405529: Event dialog: Typed start time or end time reset to default after moving focus
  • Bug 417585: Find Event toolbar button doesn’t restore collapsed unifinder
  • Bug 419807: After closing task dialog now save-messagebox pops up
  • Bug 423861: No email prepared when the timeslice of an event is changed from the calendar view
  • Bug 437982: No accept/Decline buttons and NS_ERROR_NOT_INITIALIZED in calIItipItem::getItemList
  • Bug 453138: Display ‘Last day of the month’ recurrence rule as clear text
  • Bug 454933: Move month, day, week mode buttons into calendar view
  • Bug 455752: Update internal timezone database to version 2008i
  • Bug 456671: Hong Kong holidays updated with 2009 holidays added
  • Bug 457467: Sunbird/Lightning 0.9 source missing folder: mozilla/security/nss-fips
  • Bug 458828: Many errors when setting up zimbra calendar
  • Bug 459184: Timezone for Australia/Perth is wrong
  • Bug 459371: Convert eMail to event, try to add attendees -> Attendees dialog is read only
  • Bug 459402: Provide Sunbird l10n builds from comm-central
  • Bug 459645: Open Timezone dialog in attendees dialog -> error output
  • Bug 460041: Modifying an event remove its category
  • Bug 460413: Incorrect mail when accepting invitations with line breaks in subject
  • Bug 462326: Thunderbird with Lightning leaks on Shutdown.
  • Bug 462837: WARNING: Illegal character in window name prompt-occurrence-modification
  • Bug 462990: Outlook 2003 Calendar UID are line wrapped when added to Calendar
  • Bug 463047: Use js 1.7 iterators for properties bag and ical components
  • Bug 463060: Clean-up and move clipboard.js
  • Bug 463195: CalEvent/calTodo icalComponent setter: make sure object is properly reset
  • Bug 463267: Adding or modifying event throws exception
  • Bug 463282: Tasks cannot be created or imported
  • Bug 463401: Invitations dialog is empty
  • Bug 463407: eMail notification dialog on attendee side after first event change is wrong
  • Bug 463507: Add currentAppVersion to extensions.update.url default pref
  • Bug 463680: L10n windows builds are broken
  • Bug 463716: Icon and preview image for default theme missing in add-on manager
  • Bug 463784: Copy and multiple paste is broken, fails with DUPLICATE_ID error
  • Bug 463790: Do not pass compiler flags to –enable-optimize
  • Bug 464102: When closing Edit Task dialog, it will not prompt to save
  • Bug 464344: Deleted events from the server are still shown in Lightning after a refresh
  • Bug 464348: Adding Hebrew locale to Sunbird all-locales
  • Bug 464365: Selecting Write Button -> Message brings up two compose windows
  • Bug 464444: No event notification eMail when organizer deletes the last attendee
  • Bug 464560: Error: “this.setProperty is not a function” in calAttachment.js
  • Bug 464751: Missing button icons in Customize Toolbar dialog of Event/Task dialog
  • Bug 465227: Updated 2009 spanish holidays calendar for Mozilla Calendar project website
  • Bug 465285: Indonesian Holidays 2009
  • Bug 465717: WCAP calendars are not available in lightning/sunbird build 20081118
  • Bug 465739: Attempting to close a new task dialog with no changes asks if I want to save
  • Bug 465896: Many timezone startup errors on fresh profile
  • Bug 465911: Invite Attendees dialog shows no free/busy information
  • Bug 466119: Add Sinhala (si) to calendar/locales/all-locales
  • Bug 466164: Icon for calendar-timezones.xpi
  • Bug 466301: Make it easier to restore collapsed sidebar by adding a grippy to the splitter
  • Bug 466308: Sunbird Mac OS X nightly builds are failing since 19-Nov-2008
  • Bug 466367: Receiving acceptation from a Windows Lightning to a Linux version results in a garbled e-mail
  • Bug 466996: Implement single / plural form in alarmWindowTitle

Many thanks go to all developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters that have made this possible.


  1. Hi,
    Could you also post a link to the recommended thunderbird nightly for version 3.0? I can pick the latest but I may not know what may be broken in thunderbird. I want to at least keep my e-mail messages intact.

  2. Hi,
    Could you also post a link to the recommended thunderbird nightly for version 3.0? I can pick the latest but I may not know what may be broken in the nightly version of thunderbird. I want to at least keep my e-mail messages intact.

  3. I have read, that the first beta of thunderbird 3.0 is (perhaps) coming on Monday. Do you plan a joint built of thunderbird beta with lightning 1.0 (beta)????

  4. A few days ago, I posted this:
    I can´t open Sunbird. I have uninstalled the previous version but when I install the new one, I get a message box saying “The calendar data in your profile was updated by a newer version of Calendar, and continuing will probably cause the information to be lost or corrupted. Calendar will now quit.” and I can´t start the program. Are there any files that won´t get removed by the uninstaller? If so, which ones and where can I find them? Vista 64 bit.
    Perhaps include an option for deleting all previous data when installing? I haven´t been able to run Sunbird for months now and I would like to find a solution.

  5. Aerosmith,
    I would recommend to try the Thunderbird 3 beta1 build, which will hopefully come out this week or the next.
    no, the TB3 beta1 will not contain an integrated Lightning. We *hope* to have that ready by beta2.
    please try again with a recent Sunbird nightly build (links are on the right side of the blog homepage). That should work.