[December 31, 2008] Status update and 2008 bugfixing stats

Ok, 34 days without a status update :-( Some of you might think, that there’s nothing to report… which is wrong. We’re still there, we’re still fixing bugs, we’re still working hard to on the next release. In fact, even with the Christmas holidays, the Christmas shopping, the year-end preparations and celebrations we still fixed 46 bugs in the last 34 days.

But before I come to that, let’s look at 2008 as a whole. 2008 was the year, where we fixed 866 bugs. The highest count since the creation of the project eight years ago. Our leading bug-fixer that year was Philipp Kewisch (Fallen) with 190 bugs fixed. Right on his heels was Daniel Boelzle (dbo) with 176 fixed bugs, followed by Berend Cornelius (berend) with 96 bugfixes on third place. Congratulations guys!

One thing is bothering me though. As I already said yesterday we’re way to dependent on very few precious souls, which do most of the development work in the project. If you look at the numbers 53,35% of all fixed bugs in 2008 were fixed by the top3 bugfixers. 63,39% were fixed by the top5 and nearly 77% (76,91% to be exact) were fixed by our top10 development contributors. Hopefully in 2009 we can broaden our base some more while still retaining the extraordinary talent that we have in our current developer base.

That said, here’s the list of the 46 bugs fixed since the last status update:

  • Bug 353696: View/Number-of-weeks is not updated with Option weeks-to-show
  • Bug 384554: Kazakhstan Holidays Calendar
  • Bug 402336: Luxembourg Holidays 2008/2009
  • Bug 402365: Tabs break calendar mode view
  • Bug 404039: New added tasks don’t appear in task list
  • Bug 405650: Integer overflow during creating custom reminders
  • Bug 420340: Snooze icons not transparent, grey background
  • Bug 432704: Drag and Drop in Month/Multiweek view fails
  • Bug 445729: Enable compare-locales for Calendar
  • Bug 451821: X-Props are not roundtripped (dismiss or snooze alarms doesn’t work)
  • Bug 456379: Thunderbird3: Remove lightning calendar/task toolbars
  • Bug 458564: “Mail with no Date header not accepted here” failure
  • Bug 460266: ‘Open task’ menu via context menu is broken
  • Bug 461124: Mode/Tab doesn’t change when using Alt+[1234]
  • Bug 462048: Monthly recurrence rule “Last Day Of Month” breaks Custom Recurrence Dialog
  • Bug 462109: Convert eMail to event/task -> Recipient should not added to the attendees list
  • Bug 462278: Week view should default to being scrolled to the “Day Starts At” time
  • Bug 463014: Columns in task list are not persistent
  • Bug 463050: Slight improvements to calIAlarm
  • Bug 465551: Additional localization comments needed in calendar-event-dialog.properties
  • Bug 466009: Calendar property page is missing Cancel/Ok
  • Bug 466655: Organizer adds an alarm and/or a category -> notification eMail dialog pops up
  • Bug 466664: Using Lightning makes text on Thunderbird’s tabs too large
  • Bug 466981: Delete a single instance of a recurring event -> exceptions are gone
  • Bug 467001: itip exception
  • Bug 467069: Consolidate decorated-month-view-binding and decorated-multiday-view-binding
  • Bug 467156: Fix calendar mode borders
  • Bug 467330: Shortcalendarweek and shortCalendarWeek used in the same file
  • Bug 467336: Recurrence dialog: datepicker elements are missing a backround graphic
  • Bug 467351: Get rid of bug fix for bug 348009
  • Bug 467546: Consolidate calendar-multiday-view.xml and calendar-month-view.xml
  • Bug 467652: Reproducible hang when retrieving remote ICS calendar
  • Bug 467724: Sunbird win32 l10n builds missing since 25-Nov-2008
  • Bug 467756: Thunderbird versions on beta1 branch do not accept Lightning anymore
  • Bug 467909: Remove datepicker in Lightning sidebar
  • Bug 468020: Regex used to parse RFC3339 dates is incorrect
  • Bug 468077: Add gl to calendar/locales/all-locales file
  • Bug 468999: Add calendar.debug.log and calendar.debug.log.verbose to default prefs
  • Bug 469355: Frequent hangs of “win2k3 comm-central sunbird” buildbot
  • Bug 469554: Use pluralForm in Task tree – Due In column
  • Bug 469840: Recurring Sundays incorrect
  • Bug 470394: Guard all SQL transactions in case of database corruption
  • Bug 470623: Change the property name WARN_UNSUPPORTED_MSG to WARN_MIN_SUPPORTED_OS_MSG
  • Bug 470894: Finnish holidays for 2009
  • Bug 470987: Sunbird.exe should have the manifest with requestedExecutionLevel=”asInvoker”
  • Bug 471195: 2009 Holiday File for India

Speaking on behalf of the Mozilla Calendar project, I want to say a big thank you to everyone, who has contributed to our project in 2008, be it by providing bug fixes, doing QA work, writing documentation, writing bug reports or just telling some friends about our software. Thank you very much! I hope you stay with us in 2009. Happy new year to everyone!


  1. Hi
    I am still unable to run Sunbird. After installing the latest nightly, I try to run it, only to get a message box saying that there is data left from the previous installation (which I of course uninstalled). How do I delete all of the previous data on Win Vista 64 bit?

  2. Ah, thanks a lot! It works. Finally, I can organize my life again.

  3. Great compliments for all you folks accomplish!
    I have a feature request. When making an re-occurring appointment with an advanced (? I have to translate back from dutch to english) scheme I found myself clicking on the preview to choose. However, it’s a preview, no interactivity. It would be nice when the preview has the interactivity options, so one could choose by clicking and dragging with the mouse (combined with ctrl and shift ofcourse). Sounds great to me anyway!

  4. I agree with Vince – when we do a ‘custom’ (not advanced) re-occuring appointment it is great to have a preview of the effect below… but definitely will be great to have a possibility to interact with it. The reason is that I have often holiday or similar week that will have no appointment, and it will be a quick way to remove those.
    Actually as I write it I think of an even better idea: the re-occuring appointment should ignore the ‘holiday weeks’ (or other week where we are not available) and skip them automatically. This could be done during the definition of full day events (like holyday) we could have a box there to be ticked if we want to ‘ignore/skip these days when scheduling events’ or something like that… :-) In this way when I schedule 10 events, I will always have 10 events even if there is a one week holiday scheduled in the middle. Currently I have to schedule 11 events, and delete the one falling during the holiday week – painful…
    Of course this matters more in Europe where people have much more day out of office than in the US :-)
    Happy new year!

  5. And I agree with franCk :-), such a tick-box would be nice, and when I read franCk’s answer I got anotther idea. Maybe there could be an automatic appointment’s counter. So when you have made an reoccurring event that has automatically skipped the holidays an if necessary was adapted with clicking on the preview, in each of the (say) 30 apointments you can see it’s number x/30.
    Just a thought.