Date range added to holiday calendars – Help needed to update outdated holiday calendars

Yesterday I finally managed something that I’ve been basically planning to do f or years: Fixing bug 456938.

As you can see from the updated holiday calendar page on our website, every holiday calendar is now annotated with its duration of validity. That will hopefully reduce the frustration that some of our users have felt, when they subscribed themselves to an outdated holiday calendar in the past. It will also make things much more easier for me to maintain the holiday calendar page in the future by enabling me to quickly determine whether a holiday calendar is still valid or not.

However the downside of this exercise has been that (as of the time of writing) I’ve identified 27 holiday calendars, which are outdated. I’ve removed those calendars from the holiday calendar page for now, but the old files are still in place so as to not deliberately break people, who have subscribed to them.

My plan right now is to delete the outdated files after a period of 2-3 months if no update materializes. It would be great if our community could step in here and provide updates for the remaining outdated holiday calendars.

It would also be great to get holiday calendars for those countries that aren’t currently listed either on the holiday calendar page or the outdated holiday calendar buglist.

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  1. For some calendars we can use applications that will generate new calendars files automatically. For example, for Hebrew we have some scripts to generate the new calendar files as needed, and this can be done automatically within Mozilla.