Calendar leadership changes


almost two years have passed since I took over as calendar lead from mvl, and I think it’s time for a change. So I am stepping back from this role. There are two main reasons why I think this is necessary:

  • I am going to have less time for calendar work in the future, and I fear I can’t meet the requirements of that role in the future
  • I think it’s simply refreshening to have a change in lead from time to time, to gather new views on things and do them differently

So who’s my successor?
I am grateful that Philipp Kewisch has volunteered to step in. He’s both smart and a great guy to work with, and has already done a lot for the project. So he feels like the natural choice to me. Please support Philipp in his new role!

Finally, I’d like to thank the whole team for supporting me during this time. It’s been a great time for me and I learned a lot. I am sure we continue to have great releases! Having less time does not mean I am leaving the project ;-) I will certainly do a few features/bugfixes/reviews. Stay tuned!

best regards,

PS: Philipp is at the top of the “2008 bug fix ranking“!!


  1. I am using lightning beta and stable release from almost the beginning. I am following the blog and the group and participate time to time to the bug tracking. Thank you so much for your hard work. Really sincere MERCI.
    Welcome to Philipp.

  2. Thanks for taking this project this far, it has matured immensely during the last two years. And of course I’m looking forward to more great releases with Philipp “at the helm”.
    Thanks again for all the great work.

  3. Danilo Fortunato

    Thank you so much for your work, Daniel.
    A big welcome to Philipp !

  4. Thank you for all the work Daniel, the project has really flourished and progressed greatly under your leadership.

  5. Using Lightning since the early releases I thank you, Simon, for everything that you encouraged the whole team to do.
    Welcome Philipp to the new responsibility. I’m sure that the Calendar project is in good hands and will be lots of further accomplishments ahead.
    Personally, I really looking forward to a full and seamless integration in Thunderbird. Although I don’t always agree with all of the latest directions that TB is taking. I encourage you to keep up your good work on Calendar and to preserve it within the TB context.

  6. Thanks for your work! Lightning made a huge step forward the last 2 years.