[January 12, 2009] Lightning/Sunbird Status Update

Happy new year to all our readers!
Here is the first installment of our status update in 2009. We fixed 30 bugs since Silvester 2008, many of those were new and updated holiday calendars, of which I wrote about extensively a week ago. Still a few important bugs were fixed, on which I will write about in more detail in the coming week.

Here’s the list of the 30 bugs that were fixed within the last 12 days:

  • Bug 364487: Argentina Holidays
  • Bug 376139: Sri Lanka Holiday Calendar
  • Bug 377845: Decouple calendar manager from storage provider
  • Bug 383470: Russian public holidays
  • Bug 388000: Singapore Public Holiday
  • Bug 389787: Event dialog: Customizing toolbar mode (full, icons, text) not working
  • Bug 395770: Algeria Holidays (without religious holidays)
  • Bug 396881: Holiday Calendar for Pakistan [Only national days]
  • Bug 397180: South African Holidays
  • Bug 401458: Malaysia Holidays
  • Bug 403006: Pref driven calendar registration
  • Bug 410287: calICalendar.getProperty returns always value type string
  • Bug 415247: Support all free/busy time types (FBTYPE) defined in rfc2445
  • Bug 416190: Privacy of a meeting should not impact transparency
  • Bug 439620: Calendars w/o provider deployment should be marked as disabled
  • Bug 447683: Use full weekday name in Day and Week views’ captions
  • Bug 456938: Add information about date range for holiday calendars to website
  • Bug 457586: Export calendar to HTML fails if task without due date exists
  • Bug 464705: No notification if attendee deletes a single event of a recurrence rule
  • Bug 469691: Unnecessary refresh of views
  • Bug 471329: Update Dutch Holidays calendar
  • Bug 471807: Italian Holidays calendar for 2000/2020
  • Bug 471813: Remove item attribute from calIAlarm to avoid cyclic references
  • Bug 471860: Use .trim*() in Calendar
  • Bug 472098: Update context menu code after checkin of bug 462684
  • Bug 472300: Consolidation of the Multiday-view and month-view
  • Bug 472306: Brazilian Holidays
  • Bug 472833: Frisian Holidays
  • Bug 472927: Add Indonesian locale for Calendar
  • Bug 473053: Missing QI causes exclamation mark and DAV_REPORT_ERROR

Many thanks go to all developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters that have made this possible.


  1. Thanks for the good work.
    A word related to the new weblog: is it possible to make it fluid, not having to scroll vertically like mad while plenty of screen space is usually available horizontally?

  2. “Silvester”?

  3. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silvester
    That’s what we called New Year’s eve here in Germany.

  4. Wow! looks like Philipp and Stefan are on drugs :). Resolved about a dozen bugs in the last three days. Cool….I am still waiting for https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=353492 and several bugs on recurring events. Anyway, good work Stefan and Philipp. Way to go.