Sunbird/Lightning needs t-shirts!

We need great t-shirts!

Dear designers, we now have a great new community store, where anyone can upload designs, and t-shirts come out the other end.

We would really appreciate it, if you could help us with some cool designs for Sunbird-wear or Lightning-wear.


  1. Sunbird/Lightning needs a roadmap!

  2. Which calendar am I using?
    I’m no geek, but I =LOVE= the calendar I am now using. I’d even be happy to make a donation to see it keep improving.
    How can I tell if I’m using Sunbird or Lightning?
    Is there a “wishlist” somewhere to post ideas of what you wish could be incorporated into the calendar?
    AND . . . I hope the “right person” sees this (who ever that might be) because I don’t think this is posted in the right place because it isn’t about t-shoirts. How do I find the “right place” to post ?
    Jim Sterlig

  3. Lightning and Sunbird are the same project. Lightning is an add-on to thunderbird, while Sunbird is a standalone application. You can browse the forums and post all you like there:
    You can join any of the mailing-lists and post there:
    you can join the IRC channel and post there:
    You can post here, although, anywhere you post, try to stay on topic. You will be met with much gratitude if you follow that simple rule.

  4. Hi Jim,
    Yes, mozilla’s calendar is an excellent application.
    Sunbird is a standalone calendar application. Lightning is an add-on to Mozilla’s e-mail application, Thunderbird.
    There is a per Mozilla application forum that you can post your questions. Go to the website: for more information.

  5. Hello developers. I just wanted to say that Sunbird is an amazing calendar application that has saved my organization thousands of dollars over the last year. The syncing with google calendars is incredible. Keep up the incredible work and thank you so much!

  6. A month with no update. mmmmhhh…..
    tell us what happened please!

  7. Does there exist a config setting to change the amount of time the Alarm plays?
    I use a fun audio clip that plays when the alarm goes off, but Lightning cuts it off half way through the playback.
    How can this be fixed?

  8. Looking forward to someone doing a Lightning T shirt