Donations update – How we spend our money

It’s been three months since I last posted a donations update. And it’s more than time to update our community on the current state of things, because two exciting things have happened or are about to happen.

  1. Back in April we had accumulated roughly 1150$ of donations and we were heavily contemplating what to do with it. At the same time, a long-term localization contributor, Merike Sell, offered to create an automated testing framework for the calendar applications as part of Google’s Summer of Code. Unfortunately the project was not accepted (only a few of the dozens of worthy projects were accepted by Google), but the offer was too good to let it slip.

    So we decided to use our money to fund Merike’s project outside of Google’s summer of code. Unfortunately our money was not enough to fund Merike for the three months period, but David Ascher (CEO of Mozilla Messaging) graciously agreed to cover the remaining 3350$.

    Merike is already hard at work. You can watch her progress in Bug 500469. Her mentor, Clint Talbert, will post an introductory posting explaining the overall goal of her project. And hopefully Merike will post here as well with a short introductory post and a status update once in a while.

  2. The add-ons site has finally introduced the possibility to ask for donations (or contributions as they call them) directly on the add-on page of each participating add-on. The Calendar Project to participate in this program in the hope of increasing its donations through this avenue. Let me state clearly that these donations/contributions will be optional.

Let me close by aying “thank you” to everybody who has donated to the Calendar Project so far and to everyone who is planning on doing this in the future. As you can see, these donations can really do some good, so donate now!


  1. Nice to see the support from Mozilla Messaging. My 2nd donation on its way.

  2. You’ll get no more money !

  3. Felix Schwarz

    This is great news and I think you’re spending the money for the right purpose :-)