[October 03, 2009] Lightning/Sunbird Status Update

Ok, I have seen all the comments declaring the project is dead. Let me just say that rumours about our death are slightly exaggerated. Over the last six weeks we have fixed 31 bugs, which are listed below.

  • Bug 351321: Italic and bold font for high and low priority
  • Bug 397888: Get rid of anonymous functions
  • Bug 401032: Would be nice to be able to view calendar in a separate toplevel window
  • Bug 413387: Today-pane is broken in SeaMonkey+Lightning
  • Bug 443752: Dialog specific files should be moved into /calendar/base/content/dialogs/
  • Bug 461744: Missing icon on minimonth dropdown button in miniday in today pane
  • Bug 466288: Make use of type=”number” for textboxes representing integer preferences
  • Bug 466439: calIRelation/calIAttachment need proper cloning facility
  • Bug 482131: UTF-8 encoded invitation subject not displayed correctly
  • Bug 485890: Splitter styles vary. Splitter between mini-month and calendar view is too narrow.
  • Bug 494783: Switching view range or editing events doesn’t update view content and displayed events
  • Bug 500244: Update internal timezone database to version 2009l
  • Bug 502337: Menu “View > Today Pane” always disabled in Mail tab, Today Pane can’t be configured
  • Bug 506322: Today pane collapse/expand buttons should always react to first click
  • Bug 507215: Creating repeating event/task fails
  • Bug 507432: Hong Kong Holidays update (2007-2010)
  • Bug 510348: Sunbird Mac l10n builds failing due to requiring license unpack
  • Bug 511246: All-day events don’t get deleted from calendar-multiday-view onCalendarUnregistering
  • Bug 511412: Vietnam Holidays for 2009 – 2013
  • Bug 511476: Calendar-event-dialog-freebusy.xml: Remove obsolete range check
  • Bug 511505: SOGo not listed on the “Calendar Related” links page
  • Bug 512123: Lebanon Calendar 2009
  • Bug 512811: React to tab controller parameter change in bug 500506
  • Bug 514843: Xpcshell unittest fails in file test_relation.js line 59
  • Bug 515178: Luxembourg Calender
  • Bug 515399: Cannot add attendees to event invitation
  • Bug 516398: No Lightning pref UI in SeaMonkey
  • Bug 516405: Lightning error in SeaMonkey because of missing gFolderDisplay
  • Bug 516407: Lightning 1.0pre doesn’t install in SeaMonkey 2.0b2
  • Bug 516681: Lightning disables SeaMonkey’s throbber
  • Bug 517013: Package nssdbm3.chk and update the Windows packaging file

As always, our thanks go to all developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters that have made this possible.


  1. The “project is dead” comments probably have something to do with how hard it is to find a test version of Lightning that works with the TB 3 betas. Unles you already know where to look, it’s *really* hard to find compatible releases.
    That said, I’m using TB Beta 4 with a lightning build from 9/25 or thereabouts, and it works great. So thank you for the hard work.
    And yes, I did donate to the Calendar project, and I would encourage other grateful Lightning users to do the same.

  2. Great, glad you brought it up.
    Where exactly *do* I find a build that will work with TB beta4?
    I searched for Lightning on AMO and could only get .9 so I gave up.
    I’m surely not alone.

  3. Updates can be tracked at http://www.rumblingedge.com/
    Which reports on both Thunderbird and Sunbird, sunbird is usually mentioned under thunderbird

  4. There’s no official Lightning release available that will work with Thunderbird 3 beta 4 yet. But you can download our nightly builds from http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/calendar/lightning/nightly/latest-comm-1.9.1/ which will work with beta 4 of Thunderbird 3 and beta 2 of SeaMonkey 2.

  5. @Mark
    AMO hosts only release builds. Nightly test builds can be found by following the Download link in the top right of this blog to the official homepage: http://www.mozilla.org/projects/calendar/lightning/download.html#nightly

  6. Rumors, if any, that the Calendar project is dead are exaggerated indeed. I’ve been following SeaMonkey news, and IIUC Lightning and SeaMonkey don’t yet work perfectly with each other but progress has been constant these last months, and goes on.
    Also, I see Sunbird, Lightning and gdata-provider nightlies coming out every 24 hours on the FTP site (and hourlies in between). This, by itself, does not necessarily imply vigorous life (which I think exists, but should be inferred from other events); however IMHO it is a good sign that the project is at most quiescent but certainly not dead.

  7. It’s really a pity that the latest TB betas and Lightning are not better synchronized: TB2 is really outdated, and I’d love to use one of the latest betas on a regular base, but lightning takes care of all my appointments, and I’m really afraid to use on of the nightly builds, unless somebody can point me to a more or less stable and tested version…

  8. +1
    Oh yes! Please release betas, alpha or at least dev builds with no *known* serious data shredding bugs of lightning corresponding to TB3 pre-releases.
    Big kudos for your great work on this project!

  9. I am using TB3b1 with a 1.0pre version for a long time now and yes I am afraid to go to TB3b4 because of Lightning not working anymore. I am to dependent on Lightning (which is a good thing in a way) and the Gdata provider (running 0.6pre).
    Keep on the good work and I am very much waiting for 1.0 Beta.

  10. The “project is dead” comments probably have more to do with the fact that despite many years development Sunbird is so slow it isn’t worth using, coupled with the fact that both Apple and Microsoft have been making a better product than Sunbird for years. iCal beats Sunbird by miles, and even klunky, costly, crappy Outlook works better.

  11. What about lightning plugin installation complaining that it’s not able to work with Firefox 3.0.14 nor 3.5.3 ?
    I have not been able to install it yet. :-S

  12. Hi Juan.
    Lightning is a thunderbird pluc-in not a firefox one !
    When you download it, make a right click and “save as”

  13. I’ve been trying get a nightly build of the lightning, I’ve gotten the one for the Oct 21st, but after it’s installed in TB Beta4 it says that it’s incompatible. Is there one where I can use it in TBb4? – Thanks

  14. I’d like to suggest adding a “note tab” to Lightning, so that the user can take small notes of whatever he/she doesn’t want to forget. I mean, besides the calendar and tasks, it would be useful to have a third area for a collection of notes. Sure, one could use another program, but including it here would make Lightning more complete.

  15. I love TB!
    I love Firefox!
    I love Lightning!
    I am using TB3b4 with a nightly Lightning build from ~ 20th October. It works very good! Fantastic work by all of you guys.
    It would be nice to have some official betas of Lightning …

  16. Thanks for your effort on Lightning. I’m using it every day and loving it.

  17. Hello,
    could you please give us some news and tell us if you have planned a rc1 just next to the thunderbird 3 one ?

  18. I’m going to go donate right now. Lightning CAN’T be dead.
    If it’s dead, I can’t use Thunderbird. Simple as that. I have to keep my calendar and contacts up to date with my phone (Windows Mobile), and I *LIKE* Thunderbird.
    If the Calendar project goes under, I’ll be forced back to Outlook. Nothing else manages e-mail, calendar, and contacts (with the help of Zindus) as well. Even with the hideous “disappearing events” bug I’m encountering in the calendar.