Short Update on Sunbird 1.0b1

I should have mentioned this in my previous blog post, but I do have a status update for Sunbird 1.0b1:

I have fixed 2 small packager errors yesterday, which now cause the automated builds to actually run. The first builds that succeeded are available on the ftp server, but we need to do another run that contains the second packager fix. If all goes well, gozer will have time to take care of this today, but the Thunderbird 3.0.2 builds have priority.

If all goes well, the upcoming build will become Sunbird 1.0b1 rc1. We will give another two weeks of QA time, if no critical errors show up then this build will become the final


  1. Great!
    Many thanks – and I hope all you exam results are good to great too :)

  2. Yeah, me too I hope you’ll get not only good semester grades, but summa cum laude at the end of your studies, and won’t become the “Fallen-for-Trying-to-Do-Too-Much” of Mozilla ;-)
    Best regards,

    There was a young lady of Norway
    Who hung by her toes in a doorway.
    She said to her beau
    “Just look at me Joe
    I think I’ve discovered one more way.”

  3. Erik Chendo Tegon

    Why you are using “beta 1 rc 1” ?
    Or the program is a beta ! or the program is a rc !

  4. When is the new version comming? i hope very soon..