Lightning 1.0 Beta 2 Release Candidate 3 is available

This new release candidate contains fixes for a few locales, no further code changes. Since the Thunderbird 3.1 release is scheduled for this week, I assume this will be the final release candidate.

Candidate builds for Lightning 1.0 beta2 in 33 languages are available as of now for:

A corresponding build of the Provider for Google Calendar is also available at those locations and will be uploaded to once the release cycle completes.

For install instructions, please see one of the earlier blog posts.

Please tell us what you think of these candidate builds and file bugs in Bugzilla as you go. The release is near, and we are glad we can finally concentrate on the next one!


  1. Bryant 'Zidane' Plano

    Server Sync
    Hey guys. Love the Lightning project since it goes REALLY well with Thunderbird, my email client of choice.
    I do have a question though: do you plan on releasing a feature to sync with a server-based calendar system someday? Obviously the first Lightning release will focus just on the ‘simple’ calendar features (Which are no doubt hard enough to code up, I’m sure!) but I work in an office and am a university student and I’d absolutely love if the calendar connected with my school’s server based client (based on my username and password). Thunderbird has the server-sync feature available when it first sets up an email account (as I’m sure you’re aware).
    Otherwise, AWESOME job. This could easily rival Outlook’s built-in calendar someday!

  2. @Bryant
    Take a look at the CalDAV protocol, lightning supports most of the features included in the CalDAV standard. If you need a server, look at Davical

  3. Is anyone working on an app to load Lightning calendar data to iTouch? I hate updating two separate calendars.

  4. Bryant,
    note that 1.0b2 is not the first version of the Calendar Project. It has been in existance for at least 5 years and we already have quite a feature set.
    It really depends on what kind of Server your school offers, but its quite possible that Lightning can connect to it.
    do you mean the iPod Touch? You should be able to access remote CalDAV calendars with it (iOS 3 or later).

  5. I just downloaded Thunderbird 3 yesterday and my calendar disappeared. The windows version that I tried to install from this site is not compatible with Thunderbird 3.0.5. When will this be fixed? The calendar is a crucial component to any email program.

  6. Sandy,
    This should be fixed very shortly (within the week?) with the release of Thunderbird 3.1 and Lightning 1.0b2.

  7. Sandy – quick update. Thunderbird 3.1 and Lightning 1.0b2 are available NOW!

  8. Looks like the contrib 64bit 1.0b2rc3 build for linux is down?

  9. quick question.
    Is there an option in Thunderbird so that when you open thunderbird the calendar is running/showing by default? I have some people running older Sunbird for work, so the switch should be as easy as possible (they won’t be using email).
    With the abandonment of Sunbird, this would be the best way to convert to thunderbird+lightening.
    Of course, now I’m looking into evolution since it would do the same thing (email+calendar). Although thunderbird+lightening is the best option for windows.

  10. Andrew,
    take a look at this bug. It currently not possible, but possibly it will be in the future.