Lightning 1.0b3pre now with numerous improvements

If you have been using Lightning 1.0b3pre nightlies, you’ve been missing out on a number of fixed bugs and new features. This is because we’ve been concentrating on making Lightning work with trunk (the newest comm-central/mozilla-central code).

Although not finally decided, the next Thunderbird version is likely to be from the more stable comm-1.9.2/mozilla-1.9.2 branch. Therefore we have now backported all relevant patches to the comm-1.9.2 branch, giving you the chance to see what the next version will be like. If you are wondering why this hasn’t happened before, it is important that bugs are fixed on trunk first. Otherwise it may happen that a future version loses features and bugfixes a previous release contained, due to problems while porting the code.

The Calendar Team would really appreciate if you could give this nightly a spin, especially if you are maybe using your own calendar server, or maybe one that is not so common. The earlier you test this version, the more likely it is that the 1.0b3 release will not contain bugs that make it unusable for you.

If you haven’t yet downloaded Lightning 1.0b3pre, make sure you have a copy of Thunderbird 3.1 and get Lightning here. If you encounter any bugs be sure to search first. If you can’t find a matching report then file a new one. Please also note which version of Thunderbird/Lightning you are using.

Note: The list of bugs that were fixed, which includes the new features can be found here.


  1. The new Google Calendar features are great. Is there any list of all the new features that can be tested?

  2. Great news! Lightning 1.0b3 installed fine and seems to run perfectly on Linux with TB 3.1.6.
    I turned on caching for my pretty large CalDAV calendars and after some calculation by TB (3-5 minutes) it came perfectly up again and runs smoothly.

  3. Worked fine for me on 3.1.6, but just like wH1sp I have no idea of what’s new, could you detail what needs testing?

  4. Hi,
    it is working fine on Win XP and Davical server + gcal.

  5. Good article. Thanks for that, and keep doing like that on your site. Regards

  6. tb 3.1.7 + lightning 1.0b3pre is exhibiting cpu-hogging + hanging behavior on multiple, various sources, calendar reload. witnessed it both on win7 and os x leopard. after only leaving 5 caldav (server: davical) calendars enabled, hanging seems to have stopped. last hanging behavior happened when i also enabled (=switch on) a single ICS facebook event feed calendar. will debug further.

  7. yeah no good, came back tonight after leaving TB idle for the day and it had hung on reloading the calendars, which can be identified from the fact that the whole calendar is in clear-just-before-refresh state.
    i can produce a process inspect log to e-mail someone (let me know who?), or should i file a new bug on bugzilla on my own?