Migrating the Lightning help documentation to the Mozilla Messaging Support Knowledge Base

In our last blog post we were asking for help with migrating all support documentation from the Mozilla Wiki to Mozilla Messaging’s Knowledge Base.

Unfortunately the traffic in the #calendar-website channel was quite low, or in other words: we didn’t get any help, so the migration process took us a bit longer than we’ve expected – but we’re finally done! :-)

The calendar website team was checking, updating and migrating all articles and we’re happy to announce that users who need help with Lightning can use the Mozilla Messaging Support KB!

You can view a list of all Lightning articles here.

–The calendar website team
(Tobbi, Jan, TMZ)

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  1. This is simply great! I have personally done some changes on the page “Installing Lightning into Thunderbird” and I plan to gradually translate pages into french (index is already done). So do not despair, help will come ;-)

  2. Me again ;-)
    I am facing a quite big issue: the main page to download Lightning https://addons.mozilla.org/fr/thunderbird/addon/2313/ is not localize in French. Do you plan to do it quickly? Do you need some help?