Lightning 1.0b5 released

As you’ve likely already noted, Lightning 1.0b5 was released on July 29th. It fixes some urgent issues that showed up during the 1.0b4 release, so everyone is strongly advised to update! Here’s a list of the most important changes:

  • Remote calendar with webcal:// location not working
  • Thunderbird Does Not Process Meeting Invites from Outlook, Google Calendar
  • Startup crash [@ cal::UTC()]
  • wcap not working since TB5 and Lightning 1.0b4rc2
  • Snoozing/Dismissing one event on alarm popup closes entire window
  • Event invitation not sent out when Outlook compatiblity is checked

If you are experiencing issues (Lightning not installing or the calendar not working at all), I’d suggest uninstalling Lightning and then doing a fresh install. Your calendar data will be kept intact, as it is contained in your profile.

We have now switched the nightly builds from comm-miramar to comm-aurora, I will post more information on this switch soon.


  1. Update how? And for what TB versions does Lightning 1.0b5 apply?

  2. Philipp Kewisch

    Jens, all you need to do is check for updates using the addon manager. Lightning 1.0b5 matches for Thunderbird 5.0 – 6.*

  3. Still missing pt-BR locale…

  4. Philipp Kewisch

    Laercio, I’m sorry to say I made a mistake here. pt-BR wasn’t ready for the release, only pt-PT. If you’d like to help pt-BR out with localization, please contact someone (possibly the Owner) from

  5. Does this incorporate the offline functionality mentioned in a previous post?
    Thanks for the great product.

  6. Philipp Kewisch

    Venable, if you mean the offline functionality from the Google Summer of Code, this is not available yet. If you’d like to track progress, please sign yourself up for this bug (i.e put yourself on CC):

  7. Hi: I’m confused. I’m running T’bird 6 beta in 64 bit Linux. It seems locations for Lightning updates have changed (is that correct?). OK, so where do I get current Lightning updates? Thanks. John

  8. Latest comm-aurora needs T’bird 7.0a1 as minimum. What about T’bird 6.*?

  9. Hi,
    I’ve updated my testbed with the new version and I found a small “feature”.
    In case I modify the calendarlist.sort entrys in Thunderbirds extended config, the stored caldav passwort function don’t work from this time. Every time for each single calender I need to type in the password again and again. All events are shown after I typed in the password.
    Is it possible to do both store the caldav password and sort manually the all my calendars?

  10. Just tried the final Thunderbird 6.0 on Solaris x86 platform and Lightning 1.0b5
    TB 6.0 reports that Lightning 1.0b5 is not compatible with it.

  11. I’ve just updated TB from 5 to 6.0 (under Windows XP) and now Lightning doesn’t work at all. I’ve uninstalled Lightning and then doing a fresh install but still can’t see my calendar (which is located on a server). I’ve had the same problem when updating to TB 5 but I’d found a Lightning version on the Mozilla site that finally worked well ( But this time, this doesn’t unfortunately work.
    Can you please help ? thx a lot

  12. Hi again.
    I can confirm that Lightning 1.0b5 is not compatible with TB 6.0 on Solaris x86 platform.
    On Windows everything is fine but on Solaris x86 it’s not compatible.
    Could you please fix that incompatibility?
    Thanks in advance,

  13. The Solaris xpi file doesn’t have the correct min, max version in application.ini and install.rdf.
    It looks like I missed a step in building lightning.
    If you unzip lightning-all.xpi, edit these files and re-zip it, it will work with Thunderbird 6.0.
    I’ll send out new xpi files soon.
    Sorry for the inconvenient.

  14. Many thanks for your workaround for Solaris x86 platform.
    I re-packed the XPI file with updated files and TB 6.0 allowed to install it. However Lightning does not pickup the old Calendars and even Categories are empty in its preferences.
    So, I have no luck to use TB 6.0 with Lightning on Solaris x86.
    Will wait for an official re-pack :)
    P.S. Downgrade to TB 5.0 fixes the Lightning issue.

  15. Actually you cannot only change install.rdf.
    It’s not binary compatible with TB 6.0.
    Lightning needs to be rebuilt with TB 6.0 codebase and merge the binary into lightning.xpi.
    I’ve made another builds at
    Remove your old lightning add-on, and use lightning-tb6.0-compatible.xpi, it works with both TB5 and TB6.

  16. Remove your old lightning add-on, and use lightning-tb6.0-compatible.xpi, it works with both TB5 and TB6.
    okay and the upcoming releases of TB 7,8 ….. x^99 ???

  17. I migrate this morning from TB 5 to TB 6.0, on Windows XP SP3
    I already had Lightning 1.0b5 that was working fine previously.
    I cannot access anymore to may company Calendar running Sun Calendar Server.
    I tried all desinstall and reinstall possible.
    I can still access my calendar data using Sunbird 1.0b1
    My Calendar is readable at :
    Can anybody have a clue ?

  18. I have the same problem on Solaris x86 problem.
    I use lightning-tb6.0-compatible.xpi with TB 6.0 and I cannot work with my Sun Calendar.
    However the TB 5.0 works fine. Looks like another regression?

  19. Hi: what version of Lightning should I install for Thunderbird 7 beta? I assume it will load my calendar from Thunderbird 6. I’m using Windows 7 and Linux 64 bit. Thank you. John

  20. Philipp Kewisch

    Hi John, unfortunately we don’t have a compatible build for Thunderbird 7 betas yet. We are working on getting this done asap. See bug 673089 for some details.

  21. I just want to recall that all my collegagues that are moving either from TB 3.1.x or TB 5.x to 6.0 are now unable to use their Lighning access to our WCAP server.
    I am ready to provide more information if you tell me our to capture them or to perform some development build test if available
    Many thanks in advance

  22. Philipp Kewisch

    Patrick, there were a few bugs fixed just after the release that restore wcap behavior, especially on Thunderbird 6. If you want them now you’ll need to use a nightly build (with an even newer Thunderbird), otherwise the next stable release is planned for Sept. 27th (with Thunderbird 7)

  23. I am using TB 5.0 with Lightning 1.0b5 on Win7 x64, but still not processing meeting invites from Outlook and Google Calendar… Any possible reasons?

  24. Philipp Kewisch

    Google Calendar is not really made for accepting invites via the API (Provider). You may want to try via CalDAV. Please see the FAQ for the Provider for Google Calendar.

  25. I am referring to processing meeting invites in TB. When I receive a meeting invite in TB, issued through Outlook or GCalendar, TB identifies it correctly (it says on the top message “This message contains an invitation to an event.”) but no processing buttons are available (Accept, Reject, Tentatively accept etc). So I cannot react and I cannot include the event in TB Lightning.

  26. @Sorin, yeah I’m facing the same problem. Temporarily right clicking and converting to event.. problem is that it won’t include the invite list or send an acknowledgement.

  27. Be careful when converting to an event. This creates a new event in your calendar organized by you, so if you add attendees there you will end up inviting them.
    If you do not see the calendar list, either no target calendar supports adding invitations, or your calendars don’t have an email address of an attendee configured.

  28. My system is WIN XP Home SP3.
    I have TB 6.0.1 and i install LN1.5b.
    If i import a calendar from my desktop or if i import a calendar generater by my friend the calendar is empty….
    I suggest a complete integration of LN in TB.
    In future can be possible have a Personal Info Manager by default?
    Nice work!

  29. Hi. Any news on a compatible build for TB 7.0 beta? Will it be announced on this blog? Where will the download appear?
    Have we just been unlucky to have such a long wait for compatible builds for TB6 and TB7b? It makes upgrading TB a real pain when I lose my calendar. :(

  30. David, the release 1.0b5 is compatible with Thunderbird 6 and we are working hard to release a Thunderbird 7 compatible version. I’ll post the details on the blog when we get there.

  31. Carlo, we are working on integration, we are just not quite there yet. Please check your error console for messages

  32. Thanks, Philipp.
    I didn’t make myself clear. I realise 1.0b5 is compatible with TB6, but that came out quite a long time after TB6 was released.
    I accepted the upgrade to TB7b two (?) weeks ago, expecting that there would already be a compatible Lightning.
    I’m surprised that there was no compatible Lightning when TB6 was launched and now there’s no compatible build for TB7b. I can cope with it – downgrade if necessary – but I’ve put non-techie users on to TB / Lightning and they won’t know why their calendar broke or how to fix it. It’s disappointing that the two teams cannot synch for major releases.

  33. Lightning 1.0b5 was released before the Thunderbird 6 final, and it will be the same for Thunderbird 7. I’m sorry there isn’t a release for the beta version of Thunderbird 7 yet, but please note our resources are limited. I’m doing the whole release building and fixes mostly alone with some greatly appreciated help from the Thunderbird team.
    I understand that its a real pain for you, but please also understand my situation here. I’m doing my best to improve the situation in the future, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out.
    My exams end wednesday, afterwards I will have a lot of time for Thunderbird 7 and Lightning. Please bear with me!

  34. hi philipp!
    thank you for your effort and all the best for your exams.
    just shout if you need any assistance with testing lightning in thunderbird 7!

  35. Philipp, thanks for your work. I, too, am eagerly awaiting the release of a TB7-compatible Lightning. I do appreciate that you are under other pressures right now, and look forward to a functional and useful release soon, when you are under less pressures.
    Thanks again

  36. Philipp, Can you confirm if this latest version has addresses the Empty Alarm Window On Standby resume issue (

  37. Will there be a way to sync ical to lightning or a lightning iphone app with firefox sync? I really like my i phone and it would be great if this is in the new version (thunderbird and sunbird apps would be cool too)
    P.S. i have never posted here before, so i’m sorry if any of this is off topic

  38. I’m burning for a Thunderbird 7 compatible version too, but your situation is very understandable.
    So good luck with your exams, and thank you for your good work on Lightning!
    All the best from Austria :)

  39. I’m using Thunderbird 6.0.2 with Lightning 1.0b5. Sometime during the last two weeks (possibly when Thunderbird updated) I lost the ability to drag and drop .ics file onto the calendar. Invites still seem to work, but if I’m sent an event as an attachment, I no longer know how to add it to my calendar. Thanks!

  40. Elizabeth, known issue. This will be fixed in the next release. While its a bit cludgy, you can use the Events&Tasks menu to import a file. Save your attachment as a file and then import it that way. Sorry for the hassle!

  41. I tried loading Lightning 1.0b5 in Seamonkey 2.3.3. I wouldn’t load any of my webDav calendars (stored in the Chandler Hub). This works with Seamonkey 2.0.14 and Lightning 1.0b4.
    Is Lightning going to support Seamonkey, or just Thunderbird?

  42. Paul, do you get any error console messages? Its likely that the version combination you are using isn’t correct. Did 1.0b5 install correctly into Seamonkey 2.3? 1.0b4 and 1.0b5 use the same platform version, so they should be using the same seamonkey version. I think Seamonkey 2.0 is too old though.
    Maybe you can check the seamonkey site for compatibility details.

  43. Lightning is my favorite add on, and until it is updated to work with Thunderbird 7 beta, I will update. I don’t care about the other add ons, but lightning is really important. I have been using that add on for a few years, and I really like it and would miss it if I didn’t have it. Is this add on likely be ready for Thunderbird 7 beta anytime soon. It is really a great part of the Thunderbird program.

  44. Hello,
    I’ve been reading of instances of Lighting being used with Eudora, as well as Thunderbird. I am unable to get it to install using the add ons manager. Any thoughts?
    Many thanks!

  45. I’m using TB 6.0.2 and lightning 1.0b5 with the provider for google calendar v0.8.
    But since the last update; lightning is inable to connect with google calendar…
    is there an update for the google provider ?
    Plese can you help me ?
    Thank you

  46. Hugh, make sure you have the correct version combinations of Eudora, Thunderbird and Lightning. What versions are you using?

  47. Jerome, is everything enabled in the addons manager? Do you get any error console messages?

  48. Finaly it works !!!
    I’ve copy/paste xml adress of my google calendar in a new lighning’s agenda… perhaps something have benne changed in this adress ?????
    thanks a lot (and sorry for my bad english…).
    A TB fan from France

  49. by merging the linown xpi tsr

    Nvm my previous comment, I think I had a corrupted profile or something… In the end I decided to downgrade to TB3.1 + LN1.0b2 and then re-importing all the data. It seems to work ;)
    Thanks for your hard work on this!

  50. Thanks, Phillipp. I’m using Eudora OSE and trying to intall the latest version of Lighting. I get a message which says:
    “Lightning 1.0b5 could not be installed because it is not compatible with Eudora OSE 3.0.4”
    This gave me a hint and through some further research, I realize that Eudora is based on an old version of Thunderbird (v3.0.4), which surprised me! Oh well.
    I wonder if they’ll update?

  51. I won’t update to Thunderbird 7 beta until the Calender is compatible. They keep trying to get me to update, but guess they don’t realize how useful that add on really is. They seem to be making my other TB 6 add ons compatible, but not moving until Lightning is updated. I have 1.0b5 installed, and it works great. One of the main reasons that I would recommend Thunderbird to friends is being able to use the Calender add on. Great program and be assured that I feel it is the most important add on for Thunderbird.