Having trouble with 1.0b4? Try 1.0b5rc3!

Unfortunately, some major errors slipped through in 1.0b4. You might have noticed the alarm window disappearing and a lot of misplaced beeps from the alarm system. You might have also noticed, that some of your calendars are no longer working (specifically, webcal:// calendars).

To fix these issues we are releasing 1.0b5 in the next 1-2 days, which contains 10 bugfixes.

As another highlight, 1.0b5 will now be compatible with both Thunderbird 5 and Thunderbird 6 to ensure you can continue using Lightning without extra hassle. If you are using Thunderbird 6.0b1 it would be great if you could give these test builds a spin.

Update: Another issue slipped in, I’ve modified the packages to fix it. If you have already downloaded, please try the following links!

You can get the builds here. If you get a 404, its likely they have not been propagated to all mirrors yet, check back in a few hours.

If you are using the Provider for Google Calendar, I have marked the current version compatible with Thunderbird 6. You can get it as usual from addons.mozilla.org

Thank you for your support!


  1. Just tried 1.0b5 and found that:
    select / unselect google calendars (checkbox left panel calendar tab) does no longer work (no instant refresh, same set of calenders remains displayed.

  2. Where sourse code for other os

  3. What about pt-BR locale? It will be present in 1.0b5?

  4. Philipp, here:
    there aren’t nightly builds since the 18 of July.
    Is it still the right address for Lightning on Thunderbird 5.0?

  5. Philipp Kewisch

    Decathlon, yes in general this is the right address, the nightly builds may have been off for release work though. The above linked rc2 builds are compatible and contain all fixes on the miramar branch.
    Laercio, yes pt-BR should be part of the release.
    amdcooper, working on it. I will upload a source archive to http://releases.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/calendar/lightning/releases/1.0b5rc2/ today or tomorrow.
    GAJ, I’ll contact you via email about this issue.

  6. Nice app…but slow development on the essentials. I.e.
    1) you have got to fix the issues where in the instance of having multiple calendars you lose display of some or all of them for unknown reasons, this is common complaint on the blog. It doesn’t matter what other useful features work well if you basically cannot see your entries at various times.
    2) I found that if you do not have any entries in the home calendar when you create additional calendars, these additional ones will not be displayed when selected by their tick boxes. Even then, thunderbird has first to be restarted before they will show! (additional calendars are imported ics files from outlook 2003)
    Fix these basics and the product will be stable (yes stable) and on its way to greatness. Don’t make me shell out to re-install outlook!

  7. Philipp Kewisch

    Hey Terry, I’m sorry this is happening for you and others. The problem with this issue is that I can’t reproduce it reliably, so I don’t know where to start looking.
    If its a regression between 1.0b4 and 1.0b5 then I have an idea what it might be, if you are using windows I can send you an xpi for testing that might fix it. Let me know.

  8. name required

    can anyone look into bug
    i am getting calendaring problems, the bug has been created a long time ago and still no fix and no solutions from the developers.
    recently there have been changes and additions made to it by other fellow users, but still no participation at all by the developer folks.
    too bad. will switch to other vendor and other products if mozilla thunderbird and calendaring teams are this reluctant.
    farewell. why thank you.

  9. Thanks for the fix! All working fine again.

  10. @ name required
    In order to fix the issue, it would be very useful if someone would answer to the question reported by Philipp Kewisch in comment #3.

  11. I would like to sync my RTM (Remember The Milk) account with a Lightning Calendar to manage tasks.
    It does work to get information from RTM but do not work from TB5 to RTM. Is it a bug ?

  12. Philipp Kewisch

    Are you using the RTM extension? Please report any issues with that extension to its author.

  13. No, there is no more RTM extension (for TB5).
    The only way to get connected to RTM is to use Lightning Calendar and to configure RTM as a remote ICS Calendar.

  14. Hi,
    thanks a lot for making another great release Philipp.
    I can reproduce the issue of GAJ. It happens for me on my TB 5.0 from the Fedora repos and current lightning as delivered by the nightly updater …
    Thanks alot for your work!

  15. I forgot to precise that I use the last patch 1.0b5rc3 to have the fix on webcal remote calendar
    And by the way, thanks a lot for your work !

  16. Sarge Gerbode

    I have win7 64 bit, SP1, TBird 5.0.
    When I tried to install 1.0b5rc3, it said it was not compatible with Thunderbird 5. Is it the 64 vs. 32-bit difference that makes the difference?

  17. Unfortunately, since the Google Provider plugin wasn’t updated, I’m unable to realistically test this functionality in Thunderbird 6.

  18. Philipp Kewisch

    Mark, I’ve updated the provider to allow installing into Thunderbird 6.

  19. Philipp Kewisch

    Sarge, it must be, could you check the exact version of Thunderbird you are using?

  20. Mark El-Wakil

    Do you have a URL to that handy? I don’t see the provider in the URLs listed above:
    Would love to get going on it so I can start testing :)

  21. Hi,
    I don’t know if this is a regression on the 1.0b5rc3 or a bug (I haven’t seen it on bugzilla yet), but it seems that completed task from a remote calendar (a webcal one) aren’t seen as complete task.
    When I select ‘completed task’, I see only complete task from my local calendar, when I select ‘active task’ I see my active tasks and completed tasks from my remote calendar.
    I use TB5 and lightning 1.0b5rc3 on windows XP SP3 system with :
    – 4 remote google calendars
    – 1 remote calendar (ICS – webcal url) for my RTM tasks
    – 1 local agenda

  22. When will Calendar be finally an integral part of Thunderbird, and not an extension any more?
    Whenever a new TB version comes out, I’m frightened to dead, because I assume that the calender add-on breaks. This is also the reason that prevents me from using TB nightlies, and I guess TB could need more nightly testing…

  23. Just today I finally managed to track down the cause of the, seemingly random, alarms. It was driving me nuts! It turned out the be Thunderbird, or more specifically the Lightning add-on.
    Good to see the issues have been addressed in the latest release.

  24. The pop-up to update to 5.0 was insistent, so I did.
    The update to 5.0 went ok, but the process yielded a pop-up saying that Lightning was not not compatible… I did not know Lightning was the calendar. How about telling people this? The calendar was previously just part of Thunderbird, so who knew it was an add on?
    Once installed 5.0 I went to get a calendar add-on but Thunderbird said it was not compatible. ?
    Later it did install and my calendar data was back- for which you are grateful since now I do not have to gripe about you to all my friends, associates, and the internet.
    Thanks for a tense morning…
    just sayn’

  25. @NetRunner – I can confirm this. Filed https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=675460

  26. Clicked on 1.0b5rc3/win32 above and get pop up that 1.0b5rc3/win32 is not compatible with Firefox 5.0

  27. TB 5 with Lightning 1.05b … calendar simply vanished.
    Tried to install the recommended 1.0b5rc3 by downloading the .xpi file for windows.
    Does not work.
    I use windows 7 64bit, might this be the cause that this wont work?
    There seems to be no proper way of opening the xpi file. “File – Open” tries to show the contains of the xpi-file, so no installation.

  28. Scratch my previous question. Looks like the actual official link here works for Thunderbird 6.

  29. Hi,
    since 4 years I just read the blog and we use the addon in our company.
    But now I’m not shure if it was the right choice because so many updates und new features every month, but not really a stable version of basics to roll out it in our company.
    So we stay allways on TB2.x and Lightning 0.9x caused by the addon and I need to write some words here.
    Our emailserver is a company internal one and provides a caldav/webdav interface for lightning. We have subscribed ~20 webdav calendars per client with overall ~5000 events and it takes some minutes to start the client and and every 2-5 minutes the addon hold on the hole Thunderbird during the calendar refresh. The newer version 1.04 is a little bit faster
    but needs also more than 1 minute to start with the the subscribed calendars.
    Why Lightning does sync all installed calendars if they are enabled or not?
    Also we cannot use the invitation feature because the lightning makes no differnce between my own and subscribed shared calendars. In case my colleague sends me an invitation I get the message “the events is already in your calendar” but at the calendar sheet I can open and accept the invitation (if I find the new event)….
    This are basics for me and I need a period of at minimium 1 year working with an version for a usefull business solution – security updates are possible but no new features…
    I know you have done a very good job to build and contribute the “outlook killer” but if you don’t like to force us and fore sure other business users to M$ you need build and support a stable “long life” version.
    Right know we don’t know what shall we do – migrate to M$ or hope for a business branch of Lightning?

  30. Philipp, I’ve updated to 1.0b5, but not found pt-BR locale. Any hint or version that I can try?

  31. i am experiencing the same problem as hamena314! i just upgraded Lightning from 1.0b4 to 1.0b5 via TB’s add-on update mechanism (using TB5 + WinXP32/SP3) and now Lightning is completely gone. though, i can see it in the list of installed add-ons, it is simply not present in the UI. also when i open thunderbird’s options dialog there is nothing about Lightning.

  32. an update regarding my previous posting: i now installed the 1.0b5 release from the link in philips’s original blog posting and that one was working fine! seems like TB’s update mechanism was causing the troubles…

  33. Anyone else having trouble with accepting invitations though lightning/provider for google?

  34. Philipp Kewisch

    Ryan, I wouldn’t be surprised. Google has some limitations that make it hard to accept invitations without spamming all attendees. Please see the FAQ at:

  35. I’m using a new install of TB ^.0 and 1.0b5, and noticed that recurring events don’t have an option for setting an end date. I kinda need this. Thanks!
    Also, when will there be an option for a recurrence of something like ‘every first Friday of the month’ or whatever?

  36. Ah–found it under custom. Maybe make it more obvious? I expected an end date option to pop up once I set the frequency.