Lightning 1.0 is here!

So, this is it! My early birthday present, Lightning 1.0, has finally been released. For quite some time now we have had so-called “beta” releases, that were in no way different to our other releases. With Lightning 1.0 we can finally say good bye to the betas and hello to exciting new releases!

When planning for this release, we mainly focused on rounding off any sharp edges you may find in Lightning. Just as an example, you can now press Escape to cancel creating an event via dragging. Sounds like a simple, intuitive feature that should have been there all along? You bet! There is one exception though, Lightning now supports full offline editing using the cache feature you can find in the calendar properties. This great big feature has been in the works during the past Google Summer of Code and has now finally made it into the release.

As always, you can get the latest release from If you are using the Provider for Google Calendar, make sure to upgrade too. Please note that Lightning 1.0 is compatible to Thunderbird 8, which is also being released today.

So, whats happening next? I will be gathering some ideas during the upcoming EU MozCamp 2011 and will present you my plans shortly after. If you have any suggestions, please do use the newsgroups to get in touch.


  1. The Open Sourcerer

    This is great news.
    Thank you for all your hard work in building & maintaing this oh-so-important Thunderbird addon.

  2. Why don’t you support the latest stable thunderbird release?
    It seems natural the stable release of the add-on to work with the stable release of thunderbird and the beta release of Lightning -> with the beta release of Thunderbird(whis is 8.0)

  3. Not compatible with current Thunderbird 7.0.1 version ?

  4. Dietmar Winkler

    Shame though that Lightning 1.0 is not compatible with TB 7.0.1 :(

  5. Great news! Thanks for all your hard work. Offline support really *is* a great feature.

  6. Congrats on the release!

  7. Congratulations to you and to the whole team!

  8. Philipp Kewisch

    It should be compatible with Thunderbird 8, which is being released today. I’ll update the post to reflect this, sorry.

  9. Congratulations! Now if only I can get my employer to move to a standards based calendar server.

  10. I’ve used or followed this project intermittently since 2003. Glad to see it’s reached Release status. Congratulations!!

  11. I love this calendar – thanks for all your work!

  12. Excellent work! Keep it up! Looking forward to more features and further refinements.

  13. I upgraded to Thunderbird 8 with Lightning 1.0.
    Unfortunately, I discovered I no longer have the ability to accept invitations or drag the ICS attachments into my Google calendar. This worked fine in the 1.0b7 version on Thunderbird 7…

  14. Great work!
    I must say that this feels like a real milestone after following the project for years.

  15. Upgraded from 1.0b7 and the calendar tab has no text, and I can’t switch between day/week/month views.

  16. Thank you. I use this heavily at work. Happy Birthday!!

  17. Great work – looking forward to trying it. Calendar has been slowly getting better and better.
    I’m using Postbox at the moment so I’m waiting for them to provide an update – I hope soon! (I’ve tried downloading thunderbird 8, but when I tried to enable offline calendars it doesn’t work – I assume having postbox running (with lightning beta 7) at the same time may cause this?)

  18. APPLAUSE !
    If Thunderbird wants to have a real future as personal organizer a fully-featured and robust calendar is a must.
    Further integration and interoperability with other software (e.g. time billing system, resource planning,..) would be a major asset.

  19. Agree with Toto :
    “Great work!
    I must say that this feels like a real milestone after following the project for years.”
    Thanks a lot !

  20. where is the Linux x64 final 1.0 build? Thanks. John

  21. The Lightning web page shows comm-aurora as being suitable for Thunderbird 9. However, the install file shows that comm-aurora needs a minimum Thunderbird 10 nightly. So if I want to try Thunderbird 9beta, exactly what version of Lightning nightly do I use?

  22. John, which webpage are you referencing? You need Lightning 1.1b1 which has not been built yet. We’re working on it though!

  23. John, the final x64 1.0 builds are contained in the final linux build on

  24. Toto, about invitations, this shouldn’t have worked before either. I’m working on a fix though.

  25. I like Lightning but when will you release the fix for iCloud calendars? Sunbird functions correctly but not Lightning.

  26. I’m referencing the main page at which shows Thunderbird 9 nightlies under development builds and gives the following link for x64 Linux.
    When I download this nightlie I discover that the build requires a minimum of 10.0a2, obviously greater than 9.* So this seems to be a discrepancy and as you say, the Lightning nightlies for t’bird 9 haven’t been built yet.Perhaps a bit misleading to indicate they’re available (per the main page) when really they’re not.

  27. Congratulations on getting Ligtning so far. You have done an amazing job, in completing the functionality of Thunderbird.
    PS: For anyone who might be interested:
    I have been looking for years for a programm to synchronise Lightning with my mobile phone. It seemed that there were many solutions for synchronising with Outlook or via gmail, but none for direct synchronising with Thunderbird/Lightining. I had given up hope, untill I came by accident across a programm, that does exactly that.
    PS2: Maybe easier synchronising with phones/pda’s etc. is something that should be looked more into.

  28. Bas, we are looking into fixing iCloud, there are sone strange bugs we have to work around. Stay tuned!

  29. Great work, Philip! and about:addons after installation may be outdated because the still say “…Lightning 1.0b7 unterstützt Thunderbird 7…”.

  30. Hb, thanks for the note! We need to get the localizations updated, this is already fixed for en-US.